What does Exspecially mean?

What does Exspecially mean?

: more than usually. —used to indicate something that deserves special mention. : for a particular purpose or person.

What is the correct way to spell calendar?

Correct spelling for the English word “calendar” is [kˈaləndə], [kˈaləndə], [k_ˈa_l_ə_n_d_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What are the two ways to spell there?

There, They’re, Their

  • there – a location. Think of “where” with the first letter changed.
  • they’re – a contraction of the words “they are”. The apostrophe is your signal that the word can be split into two words.
  • their – possessive, the thing belonging to them. Take the “t” off, and you have “heir”. What does an heir inherit?

Is your cute correct?

“You’re” is the compound of “you are”. So it’s “you are cute”. “Your” is possessive. “Your cute” would be like saying you own cute or the cute is yours.

Is it they’re cute or their cute?

It may look like “they’re” is just a single word when, in fact, it’s two. “They’re” consists of the two words “they” and “are” mixed together.

How do you use the word your in a sentence?

Use “Your” in a Sentence Prior to a Noun or Pronoun

  1. Just give him your pen.
  2. Go deliver your newspapers.
  3. George is not planning to go to your house.
  4. Is that your shoe in the ditch?
  5. You must eat your vegetables before you can play your game.

Whose or who’s in a sentence?

Remember, whose is possessive. That means that whose is normally followed by a noun. If the sentence has a noun immediately after the whose or who’s, you should use whose. If there’s no noun or an article, use who’s.

How do you use allot in a sentence?

Allot in a Sentence ?

  1. Since there is only a small cake, my mother will allot each of us a small slice.
  2. We cannot properly allot blame for the error until we understand what went wrong during the experiment.
  3. Because of the fuel shortage, the gas outlets are only allowed to allot eight gallons of gas per customer visit.

What allocate means?

1 : to apportion for a specific purpose or to particular persons or things : distribute allocate tasks among human and automated components. 2 : to set apart or earmark : designate allocate a section of the building for special research purposes.