What does Fan Dabi Dozi mean?

What does Fan Dabi Dozi mean?

fandabidozi in British English (ˈfændæbɪˌdəʊzɪ) exclamation. informal. an expression of admiration or enthusiasm.

Where does the saying Fandabidozi come from?

Etymology. Corruption of English fantastic (“great, smashing, super”) by Wee Jimmy Krankie of Scottish comedy duo The Krankies.

What did Jimmy krankie say?

They had their own show, The Krankies Klub and recorded an album called Fan-dabi-dozi – Jimmy’s popular catchphrase. They were so famous they even had a stalker. “She was about Janette’s height and I think she fancied me,” says Ian.

Has one of the krankies died?

The Krankies stars Janette and Ian Tough have paid tribute to their friend Bobby Ball, who has sadly died at the age of 76. It was announced yesterday that the Cannon & Ball star died at a Blackpool hospital on Wednesday after testing positive for coronavirus.

What height is Janette Tough?

Janette stands at a tiny 4 foot 5 tall. Famed for playing Wee Jimmy Krankie, the comedienne has always maximised on her small height. A comedian told Janette, who is 4ft 5in, she should take advantage of her height and create a character for her stand-up gigs.

Are the krankies married to each other?

The Krankies are made up of husband and wife Janette and Ian Tough. The Scots comedy duo found fame in the 1970s and have gone on to carve a successful career in music, TV and panto. The couple got married in 1969 in Kirkintilloch and recently celebrated 50 years together.

Do the krankies live in Australia?

The Krankies enjoy anonymous life in Australia during stay at second home. IT’S The Year Of The Krankies as The Scottish Sun helps celebrate the showbiz legends’ 70th birthdays. THE Krankies have revealed how they love being anonymous in Australia, insisting: “Down Under, we’re just Ian and Janette Tough.”

How much are the krankies worth?

The Krankies are a Scottish comedy duo comprised of wife Janette Tough and her husband Ian Krankie. As of 2019, The Krankies net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Are the krankies still performing?

THE Krankies have quit panto after more than 50 years. Ian Tough said he and wife Janette, both 72, had “sadly run out of energy”. The panto legends revealed they’d brought the curtain down on live shows amid concerns for Janette’s health.

Where does Janette Tough Live?


Did the krankies live in Coventry?

COMEDY duo the Krankies lived in Coventry for 11 years during the70s and 80s and real-life couple Ian and Janette Tough will be returning to the city next Thursday for the Mid Day Variety Show at the Belgrade Theatre.

What year did the krankies start?

The Krankies’ breakthrough year came in 1978 when they were picked as the surprise act for The Royal Variety Show where they were introduced to The Queen. Janette and Ian”s act found its way onto television and they have appeared in such shows as Crackerjack, French and Saunders, and K.T.V.

Where did the krankies live in Coventry?

St Martin’s Road

Who is Wee Jimmy Krankie?

Janette Tough as “Wee Jimmy Krankie” (looking at camera) and Ian Tough at a public event in the 1980s. The Krankies are a Scottish comedy duo who enjoyed success as a cabaret act in the 1970s and on television in the 1980s, featuring in their own television shows and making pop records.

Is Jimmy krankie a dwarf?

Are the krankies still together?

The Krankies are a married couple from Scotland, actually called Janette and Ian Tough, who started as a cabaret act in the 70s and went on to perform as a comedy duo in their own TV show, even releasing a single named after their famous catchphrase of ‘Fan-Dabi-Dozi!

When did the krankies start?

The pair started out as a cabaret act but in 1976, the character of Wee Jimmy Frankie was born and they became a successful ventriloquist act. The Krankies’ breakthrough year came in 1978 when they were picked as the surprise act for The Royal Variety Show where they were introduced to The Queen.

What year was the krankies out?

The Krankies refers to the Scottish comedy double act by husband-and-wife team Janette and Ian Tough. They were cabaret performers in the 1970s before hitting TV in the ’80s, on shows such as Crackerjack, throughout 1980 and ’81, and The Krankies Club in 1982.

Is Fandabidozi a word?

(UK, informal) Very good.

How tall is Janette Tough?

When did the krankies first appear on TV?