What does feature mean?

What does feature mean?

A feature is a distinctive trait or a special attraction. Feature can also mean to give special attention to something. The word feature has several other senses as a noun and a verb. A feature is a unique quality or characteristic that something has.

How do you spell feacher?

Correct spelling for the English word “features” is [fˈiːt͡ʃəz], [fˈiːt‍ʃəz], [f_ˈiː_tʃ_ə_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for FEATURES

  1. featured,
  2. feature,
  3. matures,
  4. fetters.

What part of speech is feature?

pronunciation: fi ch r parts of speech: noun, verb features: Word Explorer. part of speech: noun.

What are basic features?

Noun. The basic or inherent features, character, or qualities of something. nature. character.

What are the features of sentence?

English features four core sentence elements (subjects, predicates, objects, and modifiers). Within a sentence, the subject is the noun (or pronoun) that performs the action. Within a sentence, the predicate is the verb or verb phrase that tells what action is being performed by the subject.

What are the three features of a sentence?

A complete sentence has three characteristics:

  • First, it begins with a capital letter.
  • In addition, it includes an end mark—either a period ( . ), question mark ( ? ), or exclamation point ( ! ).
  • Most importantly, the complete sentence has at least one main clause. Each main clause contains a subject and a verb.

What is the main feature of a sentence?

The subject and the predicate are the main parts of the sentence and they form the nucleus of the sentence. These parts are independent. Apart from the main parts, a sentence may comprise also other words and phrases grouped around and dependent upon the subject and the predicate.

What are the basic elements of a sentence?

The subject and predicate make up the two basic structural parts of any complete sentence. In addition, there are other elements, contained within the subject or predicate, that add meaning or detail. These elements include the direct object, indirect object, and subject complement.

How many parts of sentence are there?

two parts

What is your name which type of sentence?

The 4 English Sentence Types

form function
1 declarative statement: It tells us something
2 interrogative question: It asks us something
3 imperative command: It tells us to do something
4 exclamative exclamation: It expresses surprise