What does Fuga mean?

What does Fuga mean?

noun. avoidance [noun] elopement [noun] escape [noun] (act of) escaping; state of having escaped.

What language is Fuga?

English Translation of “fuga” | Collins Italian-English Dictionary.

Is Fuga a word?

No, fuga is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does Fuga mean in Japanese?

And what about the Nissan Fuga, a V-8- powered sedan? In Japanese, it means “elegance,” while in Italian it means “escape,” two perfectly reasonable descriptions for a luxury car.

What is Fuga music?

FUGA’s provides content management, workflow and distribution services to music companies, delivering to more than 260 digital service providers globally. Its client base of over 500 customers covers distributors, record labels, artist services companies and other rights holders.

What is a Nissan Fuga?

The Nissan Fuga (Japanese: 日産・フーガ Nissan Fūga) is a mid-size luxury sedan produced by Japanese automaker Nissan since October 2004. It is built on a wider, stretched wheelbase version of the Nissan FM platform.

Why did Mitsubishi name the Pajero?

Mitsubishi Pajero This Japanese sports utility vehicle was named after the Leopardus pajeros, a cat native to a southern region of Argentina. Unfortunately, the term pajero is commonly used as “wanker” in Spanish.

What is FUGA distribution?

Take control of your YouTube strategy. You can monetize YouTube content with the same easy workflow you use for distributing releases to other digital services. FUGA also integrates seamlessly with YouTube’s advanced back-end and fingerprints repertoire so you can decide what user generated content to monetize or block …

Who owns FUGA music?

Downtown Music Holding’s AVL Digital Group, has acquired FUGA.

How much does a Fuga cost?

Nissan Fuga: Prices

Used car on tc-v.com US$1,980 – US$48,721
New car in Japan US$30,717 – US$56,519

How many Litres is a Nissan Fuga?

Overview of Nissan Fuga 450gt It has been decided to complement this series with two more modifications of the uppermost group: 450GT as well as 450GT Sport package, prepared along with 8-cylinder engine of a displacement of 4.5 liters.