What does having tact mean?

What does having tact mean?

What Is Tact? Tact is the ability to tell the truth in a way that considers other people’s feelings and reactions. It allows you to give difficult feedback, communicate sensitive information, and say the right thing to preserve a relationship.

What is tact short for?


Acronym Definition
TACT Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (NCCAM and NHLBI study)
TACT Text Analysis Computing Tools
TACT The Air Cargo Tariff (shipping)
TACT The A Consulting Team, Inc. (consulting, software development, and training; New York City)

What does tact and Tang mean?

Vocabulary.com. Learn these words that derive from the Latin verb tangere, meaning “to touch.”

What is the root word for touch?

The Latin root word tangere means “touch,” and a person with tact avoids touching dangerous words like they are an electric fence.

Is tact Latin or Greek?

Tact comes from the Latin word that means “to touch.”

What is the Greek root for write?

There is much to say about the Greek root graph which means ‘to write,’ so let this ‘written’ discourse begin! One of the most common uses of this root is in the suffix -graphy.

What does E stand for in Gest?

GEST GESTorben International » German Rate it:
GEST Grants for Education Support and Training Community » Educational Rate it:
GEST Gippsland Employment Skills Training Governmental » Employment Rate it:
GEST Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies Computing » Technology Rate it:

What language is Gest?

gest – Translation from Polish into English | PONS. |

How do you use the word Gest in a sentence?

Use “gest” in a sentence | “gest” sentence examples

  1. Whose gest is highest in knight-errant of respecting gold commonplace, the masses is accepted first is to be in Shaolin Temple low-key those who sweep the floor is anonymous without the monk.
  2. He soon gest used to dormitory life and make two or three friend.

Is Gest a Scrabble word?

GEST is a valid scrabble word.

What does the G in guest stand for?