What does Iago convince Cassio to do to get his rank back?

What does Iago convince Cassio to do to get his rank back?

Iago tells Cassio to talk to Desdemona and ask her to convince Othello to give him back his rank.

How does Iago bring about Cassio’s dismissal?

How does Iago bring about Cassio’s dismissal? Iago decided to council Cassio after his dismissal. How does Iago manipulate Cassio after the lieutenant’s humiliating dismissal? He wanted him to seek Desdemona’s help to get back his position as Othello’s lieutenant.

Who does Cassio wound?


What does Iago do after he wounds Cassio?

What did Iago do after he wounded Cassio? He left, but he returned later to “help” Cassio and finish off Roderigo who had been identified as one of the attackers. Othello stabbed himself, Iago was stabbed and then was put in jail, his fate left to be determined by Cassio; Cassio was appointed “Lord Governor”.

Who is to blame for Desdemona’s death in Othello?

Desdemona was an innocent character and did not deserve her fate. Iago and Othello are both to blame for her death. Iago is responsible for Desdemona’s murder because he manipulated Othello; however, Othello is more accountable for the crime because he was too trusting of Iago.

Why does Iago want Desdemona to die?

Iago wants Desdemona dead because getting rid of her will help him to destroy her husband, Othello. Desdemona is a threat to Iago because she doesn’t trust him. So, long as she’s around, she can act as what Iago regards as a dangerous influence on her husband, and Iago can’t stomach such a prospect.

Does Othello slap Desdemona?

When Desdemona hears the news that she will be leaving Cyprus, she expresses her happiness, whereupon Othello strikes her. Othello does so, only to accuse her of being a false and promiscuous woman. He tells Lodovico that he will obey the duke’s orders, commands Desdemona to leave, and storms off.

Does Othello feel guilty?

to get full document. Othello’s feelings of guilt arise from his skewed perception of Iago’s character. Throughout Othello, Iago gives off this perception to all that he is a honest and virtuous man, when in fact he is manipulative and malicious.

Who all dies in Othello?

Specifically, we learned that by the end of Othello, there are four dead bodies: Desdemona, Emilia, Roderigo, and Othello himself. Iago murdered two of these people with his own hand, but his influence is at the bottom of them all.

Is Desdemona responsible for her own death?

NO. Although Othello actually murders her and Iago had set the whole thing up making Desdemona appear unfaithful, causing her death. However, they are not to be held as responsible for Desdemona’s death. Emilie remains silent when Desdemona was being killed, when she had information that Desdemona was innocent.