What does Kavita mean?

What does Kavita mean?

Name Kavita or (Kavita) means Poetry; A poem; Poem, Keertana.

What name is Kavita?

Kavita (Hindi: कविता) is a feminine given name….Kavita.

Meaning “poetry” “poem”
Region of origin India Malaysia
Other names
Related names Kavitha

What is the meaning of Kavita in Sanskrit?


What is the lucky Colour of Kavita?

List of names similar to or Variants of name ‘Kavita’….

Lucky Numbers: 5, 2, 7, 9, 14
Lucky Color: Green, Yellow
Lucky Stones: Aquamarine
Alternate Stones: Chrysoprase, Citrine, Moonstone, Pearl, White Sapphire
Lucky Metal: Bronze, Copper

What is the lucky number of Kavitha?


How do you pronounce Kavita?

  1. Phonetic spelling of kavita. kavi-ta. k-uh-v-ee-t-ah. Ker-Viy-Taa. Add phonetic spelling.
  2. Meanings for kavita.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Singer Kavita Shah Owns Her Eclecticism. Mangalore: Kavita Trust announces Konkani poetry competitions. Add a sentence.
  4. Translations of kavita. Arabic : كافيتا Tamil : கவிதா Hindi : कविता

Which goddess name is Kavitha?

Name Kavitha generally means Poem, is of Indian origin, Name Kavitha is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Kavitha are mainly Hindu by religion. Name Kavitha belongs to rashi Mithun (Gemini) and Nakshatra (stars) Sravana, Mrigashiras….

Meaning: Poem
Suffixed Name: Kavithashree, Kavithaben, Kavithadevi

What is meaning of Sumathi?

Sumathi is a Hindu Girl name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Sumathi name meaning is Knowledgeable; Sharp; The Bearer of Peace.

Which god name is Sumathi?

Ruling Planet:

Planet Sumati means Gender
Saturn (Shani) Blessed with wisdom Girl

What is the definition of too?

Too is an adverb that can mean “excessively” or “also.” Just to be clear: two is pronounced the same as to and too, but it can’t be used instead of either of them because it’s a number.

When a guy calls you BAE meaning?

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What does baby stand for?

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