What does keep an eye on the dog mean?

What does keep an eye on the dog mean?

If you keep an eye on somebody or something, it means that you watch the person, animal or thing closely.

Will keep an eye on your house?

Hence to ‘keep an eye on’ something means that even though the person is occupied with something else they are paying attention to other things as well.

Can you tell someone to keep an eye out?

To remain vigilant or carefully watchful (for something or someone). Often used as an imperative. We heard the health inspector will be doing a surprise inspection someday soon, so keep an eye out. They should be arriving any minute, so keep an eye out for them.

Can you keep an eye for it?

To keep an eye on something means to watch it or monitor it carefully. So, to keep an eye on something means to watch it carefully or monitor it carefully. The second expression is to keep an eye out for something.

Can you keep your eyes peeled?

If you tell someone to keep their eyes peeled for something, you are telling them to watch very carefully for it.

Can you keep an eye on her?

To watch someone or something carefully; to be attentive to someone or something.

What does opposed mean?

1 : to place over against something so as to provide resistance, counterbalance, or contrast one military force opposed to another concreteness as opposed to abstraction— L. E. Lynch. 2 : to place opposite or against something oppose the enemy oppose a congressional bill.

What is another word for Opposed?

What is another word for oppose?

resist defy
dislike face
be anti challenge
disagree with dispute
fight against hinder

What does I’m not opposed mean?

not opposed. Plain and simple meaning. It means to not be against something. To go along with it. to where opposed would mean that you are against something like something someone wants you to do something.

What type of word is opposed?

verb (used with object), op·posed, op·pos·ing. to act against or provide resistance to; combat: to vigorously oppose tyranny in every form. to stand in the way of; hinder; obstruct.

Does opposed mean against?

verb. (tr) to fight against, counter, or resist strongly. (tr) to be hostile or antagonistic to; be against. (tr) to place or set in opposition; contrast or counterbalance.

What is the opposite word of oppose?

What is the opposite of oppose?

advance promote
aid back
espouse help
accept agree
allow approve

What is the meaning of in favor?

: approved of, supported, or popular Her theories are no longer in favor.

How do I find favor with God?

Finding God’s Favor

  1. Know and seek God (Prov. 8:35, Ex.
  2. Fear God (Ps. 147:11)
  3. Seek His favor with all of your heart (Ps. 119:58)
  4. Keep His commandments (Prov. 3:1‐4, Luke 1:5‐6, Luke 1:38, Daniel 9:13‐14)
  5. Turn from iniquity/sin (Daniel 9:13‐14)
  6. Grow in wisdom (Luke 2:52, Prov.
  7. Pray (2 Cor.
  8. Seek good and be kind (Prov.

What is divine Favour?

Favour is an act of kindness performed or granted out of goodwill. it is preferential treatment shown to somebody. When a man finds favour in the sight of God, that man will cease to struggle for anything he desires. We have been blessed by God with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Eph 1:3.

What the Bible Says About favor?

For whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord. You will arise and have pity on Zion; it is the time to favor her; the appointed time has come. Remember me, O Lord, when you show favor to your people; help me when you save them. Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation.

What is God’s favorite color?


What does it mean to find favor with God?

It means God Almighty has laid His hand upon your life, and He is going to use you for His eternal purposes. As one who’s found favor with God, you can thank Him and praise Him right now for all He’s allowed in your life, knowing He’s working something special in you. God’s favor isn’t easy, but God’s favor is good.

How do you activate Divine Favour?

How to Activate Divine Favour:

  1. Life of obedience, do whatever God says; God favours those who are obedient and careful to obey Him deuterons 28:1-2.
  2. Walk righteously- Psalms 5:12.
  3. Sow into the life of a favoured person – Hebrews 7:6.
  4. Place value on prophetic anointing and grace upon your life.

What is difference between grace and Favour?

The main difference between Favour, Grace, and Mercy is that Favour is a known proof that a person has the consent of God in his deeds; Grace is when God blesses one despite being of him or unworthy of this blessing, whereas Mercy is that God is not penalizing one for the bad deeds that person has done.