What does Koko mean in French?

What does Koko mean in French?

coco (noix): coconut.

What is the meaning of Cherie Coco?

n. darling ; poppet ; sweetheart.

What does Coco mean in English?

English Translation. coconut. More meanings for coco. coconut noun.

Is Coco a word?

coco n. Coconut, the fruit of the coconut palm.

Does Coco mean poop?

Cocô means ‘poop’ and coco means ‘coconut’. A subtle difference in sound, but a huge difference in reaction!

Will there be a Coco 2?

Coco 2 is an upcoming Pixar movie coming out in October/November 2020. Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures & Pixar Animation Studios.

Is Coco a Portuguese?

Names and etymology The myth of the Coco, or Cucuy, originated in northern Portugal and Galicia. According to the Real Academia Española, the word coco derives from the Galician and Portuguese côco [ˈko. ku], which means “coconut”. The word coco is used in colloquial speech to refer to the human head in Spanish.

What does the nickname Coco mean?

Chocolate Bean

Is Coco a white name?

Coco Origin and Meaning The name Coco is a girl’s name of French origin. At first it was the kind of name that the press loves to ridicule, but we predict Coco’s heading for more broad acceptance and even popularity.

Is Coco a cute nickname?

Coco is a really cute and sweet name for a boy or girl.

Is Coco a boy or girl?

Coco as a girl’s name is pronounced Ko-ko. It is of Spanish origin. Diminutive form of Soccoro.

Can Coco be a boy name?

To me, Coco isn’t really a male name or nickname. Also, you could name the child something completely different and your husband could still call him/her Coco. We use a lot of nicknames with my daughter that have nothing to do with her name.

What is Piper short for?

Meaning:pipe player. Feisty yet floaty, Piper is an occupational name that simply refers to a player of pipes and is a pretty, musical choice for baby girl.

What is Coco short for in Spanish?

In Spanish Baby Names the meaning of the name Coco is: Abbreviation of Socorro meaning help.

Is Coco a good name?

Coco itself isn’t a great name, but paired with a very common (ordinary!) surname like McKay it sounds a bit odd. It’s like naming a child Cassiopeia Araminta Murphy. I think as a name in general like Coco is hard to pull off.

Is Coco a good dog name?

Coco is a name that we still hear often. it is among the most popular dog names and it can be used for both males and females. Coco puts us in mind of chocolate or something that is sweet and yummy. Other variations of the name are Coco Puff, Coconuts if the pup is zany and chocolate colored and Cokie.