What does Kolohe Kai mean?

What does Kolohe Kai mean?

nvi. Mischievous, naughty, unethical or unprincipled in any way, illegal, fraudulent, destructive; rascal, mischief-maker, scamp, rogue, prankster, comic, roughhouse, crook, vandal, lecher; to act in this fashion, misbehave, cheat, transgress, tamper; to violate, as a taboo.

What is ehu fish?

Ehu is the Hawaiian name of the short-tail red snapper that looks similar to its bottomfish cousin, the Onaga. Like many of the deep-sea snappers of Hawai’i, Ehu live near underwater headlands and areas of high relief such as seamounts anywhere from 600 to 1,000 feet deep.

What is EHEU?

interjection. Definitions: alas! (exclamation of grief/pain/fear)

Does EHEU mean oh?

(Latin): An exclamation of sorrow or anger; Oh no!, Oh dear!

What does EHEU Fugaces Labuntur Anni?

: alas! the fleeting years slip by.

What does EHEU mean NMS?

Order & translation

# English Korvax(Capitalized)
94 escape Roreche
95 eheu Retsk
96 existence Histrogo
97 examination Tutayskommu

How many Vy keen words are there?

400 Vy’keen

How many Korvax words are there 2020?

406 Korvax words

What do translators do NMS?

Automatic translation device technology allows a player to understand alien words more quickly, even though you haven’t learned them yet. It records and parses nearby conversations before running the data through a contextual learning system to determine intended meaning.

How do you factory override a unit?

Source. There is a chance you get 1 or 2 if you successfully override a Manufacturing Facility. It can be gained as a reward from a mission from The Nexus.

How do you make phosphorus NMS?

Phosphorus can be refined using a Refiner with the following ingredients:

  1. Solanium x2 + Salt x1 → Phosphorus x1 (“Floral Titration”, 0.9 sec./unit output)
  2. Dioxite x2 + Ferrite Dust x1 → Phosphorus x1 (“Enviromental Element Transfer”, 0.9 sec./unit output)

What is the Atlas NMS?

Summary. The Atlas is a ubiquitous entity represented by a red orb inside a black diamond. It is the main plot device of the Atlas Path. In some star systems, large Atlas Interfaces can be found.

Should I wipe Atlas NMS?

It doesn’t wipe your save. You have to hit yes to progress the story. I did it and after I did i went and talked to Nada and Polo.

What happens if you refuse the atlas?

If the player chooses to refuse the Atlas, they and their starship will be teleported to a random planet in the current galaxy with the starship located around 500 units away, and the mission will conclude immediately.

What happens when you birth a star in no man’s sky?

When you birth a new star, nothing happens. There’s no cinematic, and no indication of where this star is. You can’t name it, and it’s unclear if you can even go there.

What happens if I birth a star?

What happens if you refuse to give Apollo the glyphs?

If the player refuses to transmit the glyphs, Apollo will challenge their decision and give the player a chance to reconsider their decision. If the player continues to refuse at this point, Apollo will give up and wait for more information before using a portal.

Is there an end to NMS?

There is alternate ending in No Man’s Sky – You just got to follow the Atlass Path while collecting Altass Stones. This way uncovers story of Atlas and is alternate way of completion – “My journey is complete. A great sense of fulfilment washes over me…”