What does M Choakumchild mean?

What does M Choakumchild mean?

M’Choakumchild. The teacher Mr. M’Choakumchild is essentially a briefly seen caricature, as indicated by his unrealistic name, but aspects of his name and personality refer to contemporary figures and philosophical debates.

What was the Gradgrind family home called?

Sissy Jupe lives in a public house called Pegasus’s Arms and this is where she leads the two men.

Who are the main characters in hard times?

Major characters

  • Mr. Gradgrind.
  • Mr. Bounderby.
  • Louisa. Louisa (Loo) Gradgrind, (later Louisa Bounderby), is the eldest child of the Gradgrind family.
  • Sissy Jupe. Cecilia (Sissy) Jupe is a circus girl of Sleary’s circus, as well as a student of Thomas Gradgrind’s very strict classroom.
  • Tom.
  • Stephen Blackpool.
  • Other characters.

Why are the workers referred to as the hands in hard times?

Workers, referred to as “the Hands” in Hard Times, were forced to work long hours for low pay in cramped, sooty, loud, and dangerous factories. Because they lacked education and job skills, these workers had few options for improving their terrible living and working conditions.

Who are the hands of Coketown in hard times?

The “Hands” refers to the great majority of Coketown’s population, those who work in its factories. 2. Blackpool’s face looks intelligent, but he is not one of those workers who, “piecing together their broken intervals of leisure through many years, had mastered difficult sciences.”

What is Dickens view of industrialization?

Dickens portrays those three social phenomena in negative way. It shows his disagreement on it. By presenting the pain of the working class, the horrible condition of the industry city and the failure of Utilitarianism, Dickens criticizes the Industrial Revolution which caused social chaos for England Society.

What is Victorian about hard times?

Hard Times generally means a period of economic depression with food shortage, low wage and unemployment. The educational theory in the Victorian age was primarily based on facts, figures and calculations. According to Gradgrind, facts alone are wanted in life.

What is utilitarianism hard times?

While Dickens was writing Hard Times, Utilitarianism was the prominent philosophy in industrial England, founded by Jeremy Bentham. [1] Utilitarians believed that human actions should be judged based on how much pleasure (sometimes referred to as happiness) or pain they produced for the greatest number of people.

How does Charles Dickens present his views on education in Victorian society in the novel Hard Times?

Mr Gradgrind believes in teaching facts and ‘facts alone’. Dickens also uses a long list of complicated subjects like ‘Orthography, etymology, syntax and prosody, to satirise the education system and show that it is ridiculous to teach young children such things.

What does Mr Gradgrind believe is the key to learning?

Gradgrind believes the key to all learning is pure facts. He believes that memorization of facts and events is the way to learn, but not one’s thoughts.

How does Dickens describe education in hard times?

Dickens main view in the novel is that the ways the students are taught are wrong and are based too much on just learning facts. He believes that children should be taught to use their imagination and to think for themselves as well as being taught facts.

Why did Dickens feel there was a desperate need to educate the poor?

Charles Dickens took an intense interest in education and particularly in those charities and institutions that catered for pauper children. For Dickens, education had the potential to rescue working-class children from the ravages of industrialisation and from the dangers that lurked in the sprawling city.