What does magnificence mean?

What does magnificence mean?

1 : the quality or state of being magnificent. 2 : splendor of surroundings.

Is magnificent a compliment?

If you say that something or someone is magnificent, you mean that you think they are extremely good, beautiful, or impressive.

How do you use the word magnificent?

  1. The magnificent scene of the waterfall is pleasant.
  2. The Capitol is a magnificent building.
  3. The flowers were colourful and the scenery magnificent.
  4. She looked magnificent in her wedding dress.
  5. The twelve-mile coastline has magnificent scenery.
  6. You’ve all done a magnificent job.

What type of word is magnificent?

adjective. making a splendid appearance or show; of exceptional beauty, size, etc.: a magnificent cathedral; magnificent scenery. extraordinarily fine; superb: a magnificent opportunity; magnificent weather. noble; sublime: a magnificent poem.

What is the difference between beautiful and magnificent?

As adjectives the difference between beautiful and magnificent. is that beautiful is attractive and possessing charm while magnificent is grand, elegant or splendid in appearance.

What is the difference between splendid and magnificent?

As adjectives the difference between splendid and magnificent. is that splendid is possessing or displaying splendor; shining; very bright; as, a splendid sun while magnificent is grand, elegant or splendid in appearance.

Can I say lovely to a man?

American men don’t often use the word “lovely” be it figuratively or actually. An American man will typically use “nice, great, cool, fine,” almost any word BUT lovely. An exception might be a man paying his wife a sincere compliment, “You look lovely tonight, baby.”

What does would be lovely mean?

It means that you are satisfied with the arrangement other people just suggested so that you are looking forward to it.

What is lovely used for?

Used to describe people, lovely sits alongside fine, nice, and so on in an extremely complex category of words. Lovely can be used perfectly plainly to describe kindness and geniality and won’t be mistaken for anything else where more lascivious meaning would be inappropriate.

What does you look lovely mean?

If you describe someone or something as lovely, you mean that they are very beautiful and therefore pleasing to look at or listen to. You look lovely, Marcia. He had a lovely voice. Synonyms: beautiful, appealing, attractive, charming More Synonyms of lovely.

What kind of word is lovely?

From the Old English luflic “affectionate, loveable,” comes lovely, an adjective that describes a person’s or thing’s attractiveness. Find the word love in there — it’s something so attractive you can’t help but love it. Lovely can also refer to something delightful.

What can I say instead of lovely?

Some common synonyms of lovely are beautiful, comely, fair, handsome, and pretty.

What does the word lovely mean in English?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace : attractive She looks lovely in that dress. 2 : grand, swell what a lovely morning.

Is Lovelily a word?

adverb. ‘I exchanged the computer room for the library which was lovelily quiet – quieter than usual and simply a pleasure to study in.

What is the adverb of lovely?

lovelily. In a lovely way; amiably; in a manner to excite or inspire love.

What is a scorched?

1. To burn superficially so as to discolor or damage the texture of. See Synonyms at burn1. 2. To dry out or wither with intense heat: The sun scorched the plains.

What’s another word for scorch?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for scorch, like: singe, burn, roast, put someone on the griddle, read the riot act to, freeze, char, sear, blister, drub and flay.