What does pier glass mean in The Gift of the Magi?

What does pier glass mean in The Gift of the Magi?

The pier-glass symbolizes Della’s delight in her hair, which she decides to give up out of love for her husband. Della and Jim are very poor. Della is upset because she can’t raise enough money to buy her husband a present. There was a pier-glass between the windows of the room.

What is special about the pier glass?

A pier glass is usually placed in the wall between two large windows. It is used as a camouflage device and a decorative piece to cover the mass of masonry constituting the piers in the wall between two large windows.

What is a pier glass used for?

Pier glass (console mirror): So named because it was designed to be hung over a pier table. Originally a mirror that stood on the floor against the wall, intended as a facing for piers or to cover the wallspace between windows. The term is also used to describe wall mirrors set over console tables.

Why is it called a pier mirror?

A pier mirror, or pier glass, is a large mirror designed to fit on the wall space between two windows. They were often designed to hang above a pier table — that is, a table supported by a single pier or column. Hence the name.

What is foxed mirror?

Foxed mirrors are named after the foxing effect that occurs on their mirror surface, either naturally or artificially. The term “foxing” actually originates from paper and describes the spots and browning that comes with the aging of vintage paper.

Is pier glass a mirror?

A pier glass or trumeau mirror is a mirror which is placed on a pier, i.e. a wall between two windows supporting an upper structure. It is therefore generally of a long and tall shape to fit the space.

What is a pier?

1 : an intermediate support for the adjacent ends of two bridge spans. 2 : a structure (such as a breakwater) extending into navigable water for use as a landing place or promenade or to protect or form a harbor. 3 : a vertical structural support: such as. a : the wall between two openings.

Is Piers a boy or girl Pokemon?


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What is the difference between a dock and a pier?

A dock is a watery parking space, while a pier is like a sidewalk. Unlike a dock, a pier is a concrete, steel or wooden transitional structure between water and land. Like your parking place, the dock is a defined, albeit watery, place in the water alongside a pier where you park your boat.

What is the end of a pier called?

shore end. They stepped off the boat and ambled toward the shore end of the dock.