What does Planche mean in France?

What does Planche mean in France?

pièce de bois

What is direction called in French?

More French words for direction. la direction noun. management, leadership, guidance, directorate, supervision. le sens noun.

What are three synonyms for Baffled?

Frequently Asked Questions About baffle Some common synonyms of baffle are balk, foil, frustrate, and thwart. While all these words mean “to check or defeat another’s plan or block achievement of a goal,” baffle implies frustration by confusing or puzzling.

What is the meaning of bewildered?

: deeply or utterly confused or perplexed I was appalled and was too bewildered to do or say anything.—

Is being nonplussed an emotion?

The word nonplussed derives from the Latin phrase non plus, meaning “no more”. To be nonplussed an uncertain emotion, usually thought of as being caused by a perplexity – another old Latin concept. A perplexity is a condition of having one’s thoughts completely tangled together.

What does panache mean?

1 : an ornamental tuft (as of feathers) especially on a helmet The palace guard had a panache on his helmet. 2 : dash or flamboyance in style and action : verve flashed his …

How do you use the word nonplussed?

Nonplussed in a Sentence ?

  1. Even the experienced doctor was nonplussed when he saw the patient with a chainsaw in his skull.
  2. The embarrassed foster child was nonplussed when his classmates asked about his parents.

Is Unfazed a real word?

adjective. not dismayed or disconcerted; undaunted: He was unfazed by his previous failures.

What’s the opposite of nonplussed?

What is the opposite of nonplussed?

aware expectant
unsurprised not surprised
unvexed unruffled
unconcerned unworried

What does Plussed mean?

(informal) Bothered, fazed, vexed; not nonplussed (“unfazed, unaffected, unimpressed”).

What’s another word for Unfazed?

What is another word for unfazed?

calm composed
cool collected
serene tranquil
placid unperturbed
unworried nonchalant