What does Rafique mean?

What does Rafique mean?

intimate friend

What is the meaning of Abdul Rafik?

Abdul Rafi name meaning is Servant of the One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, esteem). Abdul Rafi is a Muslim boy name and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 7.

Is Rafiq a surname?

Rafiq is the 2,171st most widespread family name globally, held by around 1 in 28,838 people. Rafiq is also the 4,392nd most frequently used given name on earth, held by 238,726 people. The surname is most widely held in Pakistan, where it is held by 139,793 people, or 1 in 1,278.

Is Rafiq a Pakistani name?

The name Rafiq is a boy’s name of Arabic origin meaning “friend, companion, gentle, kind”.

What nationality is the last name Rafiq?


What is Raffy short for?

Raffy is a given name and a nickname. It may refer to: Rafael Palmeiro (born 1964), Cuban former Major League Baseball player. Ken Raffensberger (1917-2002), American Major League Baseball pitcher. Raffaella Rossi (born 1974), Italian ski mountaineer and skyrunner.

Is Raffy a unisex name?

Raffy as a boy’s name is related to the Arabic name Rafi.

What’s a nickname for Rafael?


Is raffie a girls name?

Raffie – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Is Rafferty a name?

The name Rafferty is a boy’s name of Irish origin meaning “floodtide, abundance, prosperity”. Jaunty and raffish, Rafferty is one of the most engaging of the Irish surnames, used by Jude Law and Sadie Frost for their son.

Is Rafferty a first name?

Rafferty as a boy’s name is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Rafferty is “prosperity wielder”.

Is Rafferty a posh name?

Rafferty is an Irish surname. Its like calling your child Mackenzie. Definitely not posh. It’s neither cool nor posh.

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