What does Rebecca mean in Greek?

What does Rebecca mean in Greek?

Origin and meaning of Rebecca The meaning of Rebecca is “Unknown meaning” and ” To bind, to tie” and ” Noose”. Rebecca is the English (and Latin) variant of the Greek name Rebekka, which is the Greek variant of the Hebrew name Rivqah.

What does the name Rebekah mean?

to bind

What is Rebekah in Hebrew?

Meaning of Rebekah Rebekah means “captivating” (from Hebrew “ribhqeh/ריבקה” = connection or Semitic “rbq/רבק” = to tie firmly/to join/to snare).

What does Rebekah mean in different languages?

The name means “a snare” in Hebrew. Rebecca has its own adoptions in different countries like Rebekka in Greek, Rivqah in Hebrew, Rebekka in Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Rébecca in French, Rebekka in German, Rebekah in Hungarian, Rebekka as Norwegian, Rebeca in Portuguese, and Rebeca in Spanish.

Is Rebekah a German name?

The name Rebekah is a girl’s name of German origin meaning “to tie, bind”.

What is Rebecca in French?

Rebecca (Nouvelle traduction) (Littérature) (French Edition)

How old is the name Rebecca?

The spelling Rebecca originates from the Latin Vulgate, which from the 4th century onward was the Bible that was used for centuries in Western Christianity. When the King James Version appeared in 1611, the spelling Rebekah was used in the Old Testament, but the spelling Rebecca was retained in the New Testament.

Is Rebecca an Irish name?

The name Rebecca is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “to tie, bind”. It derives from the Hebrew name Rivkah, from the verb ribbqah, meaning “noose.” The biblical Rebecca was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Esau and Jacob. Rebekah was a common spelling of the name in the Bible.

Is Rebecca a nice name?

Rebecca is a beautiful name – go for it. To be honest, while I think Rebecca is a lovely name it’s very popular at the moment and she will probably be one of many at school.

What is the male version of Rebecca?


Who is the most famous Rebecca?

Next most famous people named Rebecca

  • #2 Rebecca St. James.
  • #3 Rebecca Romijn. Surname: Romijn.
  • #4 Rebecca Black. Surname: Black.
  • #5 Rebecca De Mornay. Saturday, August 29, 1959.
  • #6 Carlene Carter. Given name: Rebecca Carlene Smith.
  • #7 Rebecca Hall. Surname: Hall.
  • #8 Becky G. Given name: Rebecca.
  • #9 Becky Hill.

What is a nickname for Rebecca?


Is the name Rebecca in the Bible?

Rebecca (/rɪˈbɛkə/) appears in the Hebrew Bible as the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau. According to biblical tradition, Rebecca’s father was Bethuel the Aramean from Paddan Aram, also called Aram-Naharaim.

Is Bex short for Rebecca?

Short form of the name Rebecca which is possibly from the Hebrew meaning “captivating” or “a snare”.

Is Bex a guy name?

Bex – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What is Bex a nickname for?

The name Bex is a girl’s name. Modern, mini nickname for Rebecca, much fresher than Becca or Becky.

What is the biblical meaning of the name Rebecca?

The Biblical Rebecca and Eliezer in a painting by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. The name comes from the verb רבק (rbq), meaning “to tie firmly”; Jones’ Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names and the NOBS Study Bible Name List suggest the name means captivating beauty, or “to tie”, “to bind”. W. F.

Does Rebecca mean servant of God?

The name Rebecca means servant of god in Hebrew. The Hebrew origin of the name Rebecca comes from a word meaning ‘faithful wife’.

What is the meaning of James name?

What does James mean? A classic boys’ name derived from the Hebrew name Jacob. It means “supplanter,” one who follows. In the 17th century the Scottish king James VI inherited the English throne, becoming the first ruler of all Britain, and the name became much more popular.

What does Jessica mean in other languages?

The meaning of the name “Jessica” is: “Wealthy; Foresight, God Beholds”. Jessika is also the German spelling of the name; other foreign variants are Gessica (Italian), Iekika (Hawaiian), and Yessica (Spanish).

Did Shakespeare really invent the name Jessica?

Jessica is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “gift”. Yes, Shakespeare did first use the name Jessica with that spelling but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he invented it. It was probably based on the Hebrew word “Yiskah” meaning “foresight” or the biblical name “Iscah” which would have been spelled like “Jesca”.

Did Shakespeare invent the letter Q?

They all believed us except one person, who was like “But the alphabet was created before Shakespeare”, and they looked through the entire play looking for the letter Q and they couldn’t find one so I said “Oh yea he invented the letter right after he wrote Romeo and Juliet”. …