What does Scout learn at the end of the book?

What does Scout learn at the end of the book?

By the end of the book, Scout has learned to empathize with people. There are three main people Scout learns to empathize with in the book: her father, Mayella Ewell, and Boo Radley. By the end of the book, Scout has grown up a lot. When she was younger, she thought that Boo Radley was a very scary person.

What lesson does Scout learn in Chapter 11?

In Chapter 11 of To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout learned what true courage looks like. After Mrs. Dubose insulted Atticus to the children, Jem “simply went mad” and beat the tops off of her camellia bushes with the baton he had just bought Scout with his twelfth birthday money, and then snapped the baton.

What lesson does Scout learn in Chapter 10?

THINGS JEM & SCOUT LEARN IN CHAPTER 10 Scout learns from Miss Maudie the deeper meaning of Atticus’ prior rule that it is “a sin to kill a mockingbird.” They learn that Atticus is the best checker player in town, even though he often lets Jem and Scout beat them when they play.

What lessons does Scout learn in Chapter 3?

Lesson Summary In this chapter, we see that Scout has a strong sense of right and wrong and that Atticus and Calpurnia are helping her understand that things aren’t always black and white. Scout learns that she isn’t better than the Cunninghams and that Miss Caroline isn’t necessarily a bad person.

What lesson does Scout learn in Chapter 2?

Although Miss Caroline is being very hard on Scout, Scout holds her own brave attitude. In response to Miss Caroline’s strict discipline, Scout holds up well. She doesn’t back down. In actuality, Scout was trying to help Miss Caroline learn the way it works in Maycomb.

What does Scout learn in Chapter 4?

In chapter four of To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout tells us that Atticus, like these three influential Americans, did not develop his intellect by attending school. Rather, he read voraciously and taught himself. Atticus educated himself by reading.

What does scout share at the end of Chapter 4?

It is two pieces of gum, a great treasure for a young child. She gobbles up both pieces, and when she tells Jem what she found, he makes her spit out the gum fearing that she may have been poisoned by Boo Radley.

What is the theme in Chapter 4 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

In chapter 4, a theme of discrimination is shown. This is shown when Scout, Jem, and Dill are playing “Boo Radley.” The kids are reenacting stories they have heard about Boo. One story they reenact is the story where Boo stabs Mr. Radley.

What is Chapter 4 of To Kill a Mockingbird about?

Summary: Chapter 4 After school one day, she passes the Radley Place and sees some tinfoil sticking out of a knothole in one of the Radleys’ oak trees. Scout reaches into the knothole and discovers two pieces of chewing gum. She chews both pieces and tells Jem about it. He panics and makes her spit it out.

Why did scout lick the gum and wait before chewing it?

When she gets home, she unwraps the gum and sniffs it to make sure it isn’t poisonous. Jem returns home and asks Scout where she got the wad of chewing gum. Scout tells Jem she found it sticking out of the tree in the Radley yard and Jem yells at her to immediately spit out the gum.

What is the purpose of Miss Maudie in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Maudie is a woman of integrity and is always available to impart some nugget of wisdom to Scout and Jem. For example, when Jem complains that his dad can’t really do anything cool, she tells Jem that his father (Atticus) can do plenty of things, such as write an air-tight contract or legal document.

What does Miss Maudie represent in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Along with Atticus, Miss Maudie is the voice of reason in Maycomb. She is kind towards Scout and Jem and can be relied upon to offer them sensible words of advice when Atticus is not present.

What is Miss Maudie good at?

Miss Maudie very generously lets the Finch children and Dill Harris play in her gardens so long as they do not trample her azaleas. She’s well-known for her delicious cakes and very thoughtfully bakes three small versions to share with the kids.

How is Miss Maudie genuine?

Expert Answers Miss Maudie is a static character because she does not change; essentially, she remains the same in her attitudes and actions throughout the narrative of To Kill a Mockingbird. Much like Atticus, who she describes as “the same in his house as he is on the public streets,” Miss Maudie is genuine.

Why does Aunt Alexandra not want Walter in the house?

Why does Aunt Alexandra object to Scout inviting Walter Cunningham to the house? Aunt Alexandra thinks that the Cunningham’s are “trashy folks” and she doesn’t want them to pick up any bad habits from them. She would be mad if they did because she believes that the Finches are the highest class in all of Macomb.

Why was Tom Robinson given a death sentence?

If Tom is found guilty on appeal, what will his punishment be? Why? If he is found guilty on appeal, Tom will be sentenced to death. This is because rape is a capital offense in Alabama, carrying a punishment of either death or twenty years to life.

Why do aunt Alexandra and scout pretend that nothing is wrong when they return to the ladies?

Why do Aunt Alexandra and Scout pretend that nothing is wrong when they return to the ladies? Aunt Alexandra and Scout pretend nothing happened when they go back to the ladies because they don’t want the ladies to know so they don’t gossip about it.

Why does JEM tell scout not to crush the bug What does this tell us about Jem?

When Scout asks why she cannot smash the bug, Jem replies, “Because they don’t bother you” (Lee, 242). Robinson’s death has a great impact on Jem; he is at an age where he understands the waste and injustice that his killing signifies.