What does sincerely mean in a letter?

What does sincerely mean in a letter?

Sincerity means being completely honest about what you mean, and only those who have sincerity should use the related word sincerely to describe their actions. If you sincerely want to swim in a lake, you’re not at all joking, which explains your bathing suit. You can use sincerely at the end of a letter too.

Which is the correct spelling of sincerely?

Correct spelling for the English word “sincerely” is [sɪnsˈi͡əli], [sɪnsˈi‍əli], [s_ɪ_n_s_ˈiə_l_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What’s another word for sincerely?

Sincerely Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for sincerely?

genuinely earnestly
honestly really
truly wholeheartedly
seriously truthfully
fervently artlessly

What does cordially mean?

in a courteous and friendly way; graciously: You are cordially invited to take part in the festivities.

How do you use the word cordially?

Cordially sentence example

  1. They were very cordially received by the population of the Canadian port towns.
  2. He was cordially received by Calvin, and within two years published six volumes of Prediche, tracts rather than sermons, explaining and vindicating his change of religion.

What’s a better word than nice?

Synonyms. pleasant. a pleasant surprise. delightful. The most delightful garden I had ever seen.

What do you call a strong independent woman?

determined, firm, independent, iron-willed, resolute, strong-willed, unbending, uncompromising.

How do you praise an independent woman?

You are an inspiration to so many with the way you carry yourself and project the image of someone strong and independent. I learn so much just from being around you. I really love your style. You’re always low-key and laid-back, yet you command attention with every move you make.

How can I admire a girl?

How To Compliment A Girl

  1. Talk about her eyes. How they show determination.
  2. Mention her smile.
  3. Tell her you love the way she carries herself.
  4. Admire her sass.
  5. Tell her that she is strong.
  6. Appreciate her independence.
  7. Admire her mind.
  8. Tell her you love her passion.