What does Snell approved mean?

What does Snell approved mean?

What Does Snell Certification Involve? In the U.S., Snell is held to be the superior helmet certification. Snell helmets are tested to a more rigorous standard, as the standard itself is derived from motorcycle racing, where impacts tend to be more severe.

What does Shmatte mean?

noun. a rag. anything shabby. (modifier) clothes: a jocular usethe shmatte trade.

What does Badchan mean?

: a professional jester and topical minstrel especially at Jewish wedding celebrations.

What does Zugangi mean?

zugangi. A Yiddish term that was sometimes appropriated by Nazi officers when referring to the latest newcomers to arrive at a concentration camp.

What is Pupik?

This is the case with Polish, which has the word “popik” for navel. Yiddish adopted “popik” from the Polish, Hebrew in turn adopted it as “pupik” and this is the word used by most Israelis to describe their bellybutton today.

Who is the Blokova in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

The blokova is a Jewess who is put in charge of other Jews in the camp by the Germans. Her responsibility is to keep the Jews in line, and “if she loses control of her zugangi”, the inmates in her care, she is punished by having a finger chopped off.

What is the midden in the Devil’s Arithmetic?

In The Devil’s Arithmetic, “midden” means the garbage dump.

What does Schnell mean in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

Schnell. “Attention!” Achtung. rags, or torn clothes, a piece of dirt, talking about a person that s/he is worse than dirt. Shmattes.

What does Shmuel look like in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

Shmuel’s physical appearance in The Devil’s Arithmetic is of a big, bearded man. Chaya’s uncle may smell of sweat, grass, and horses, but his joy is contagious, and Chaya gives him a hug.

What does chosen mean in the Devil’s Arithmetic?

euphemism; its a nice way to death and you couldn’t say death there. in the concentration camps, certain prisoners were “chosen” for death.

What does Chaya mean in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

________8) What is significant about Hannah’s new name, “Chaya”? [A] It means death and it is her friend’s name.

Who is Yitzchak in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

Yitzchak is one of the few Jewish people who survived the harrowing experience of the Nazi concentration camp. Yitzchack moves to Israel and devotes himself to the creation of a Jewish state and serves in the Israeli senate.

Who is Aunt Rose in Devil’s Arithmetic?

In The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen we meet a character called Rose when she greets Hannah and her family as they arrive at her grandparents’ house in the Bronx. Aunt Rose welcomes them at the door and remarks upon Hannah’s appearance and in particular how pretty she has become.

What is the conflict in the Devil’s Arithmetic?

The obvious major conflict of The Devil’s Arithmetic is the Holocaust. Through the story, the protagonist, Hannah, finds herself transported into a period when the Nazi government was systematically imprisoning, enslaving, and murdering Jews like herself.

What is the solution in the Devil’s Arithmetic?

At the end of the novel, Hannah realizes how important it is to embrace her family’s Jewish last name and ties to the Holocaust. The phrase “final solution” referred to Adolf Hitler’s plan to rid the earth of the Jewish population.

What is the climax of Devil’s Arithmetic?

The climax of the story begins when Gitl wakes Chaya one night to suddenly alert her that they are to escape from the concentration camp immediately. She had, in fact, devised a plan for this procedure, but had not told Chaya for fear that the secret would not be safe with this young girl.

What is the theme of The Devil’s Arithmetic?

The central theme of The Devil’s Arithmetic is the importance and power of memory. At the opening of the novel, Hannah is bored and frustrated by her relatives’ constant need to remember the past; she cannot understand why her grandparent’s memories are so important to them.

Who is shifted in the Devil’s Arithmetic?

Shifre. One of the four girls Hannah (as Chaya) meets before Shmuel’s wedding. She perishes in the camp.

Who are the characters in The Devil’s Arithmetic?


How does Fayge die?

How did Fayge die? She died of a broken heart like her father. She jumped in front of Shmuel and the firing squad.

What did Fayge do about Shmuel’s punishment?

How did Fayge react to Schmuel’s impending punishment? She pushed through the crowd and flung herself at his feet. she was shot along with the men.

Did Fayge die in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

Hover for more information. Because their wedding was interrupted by the Nazis, Fayge was never married to Shmuel. Now she realizes her mistake in not going through with the wedding in an nontraditional way. Though it is merely a gesture, Fayge decides to die with Shmuel as his wife.

What happens in chapter 18 of Devil’s Arithmetic?

The sky is a brilliant blue and the birds are singing merrily, which creates a chillingly incongruous backdrop to roll call the next morning. The Commandant is in attendance, and six men in chains are lined up before him.

What happened in Chapter 17 of The Devil’s Arithmetic?

One night, Gitl creeps onto Hannah’s sleeping shelf and whispers to her that there is an escape plan being developed and that she, Shmuel, and Yitzchak are involved. Gitl is sharing this information with Hannah because she is their “only flesh and blood…

Why did the girls get chosen in the Devil’s Arithmetic?

The reason why the group of girls stand out is because they are talking instead of working. The reader can also turn the answer to this question around and say that Rivka is “chosen” to be sent to the ovens. It is at this point that Hannah becomes the heroine by grabbing Rivka’s scarf and wearing it as Hannah’s own.