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What does the dialogue between Roger and Mrs Jones?

What does the dialogue between Roger and Mrs Jones?

The dialogue between Roger and Mrs. Jones reveals that they each know something about the other automatically, yet they also have something to learn.

What is Roger’s internal conflict?

The main conflict in “Thank You, M’am” is Roger’s internal conflict of whether or not to run away. The initial conflict in the story is a character vs. character conflict between Roger and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.

What is an internal conflict in thank you ma am?

An example of an external conflict in “Thank You Ma’m” is when Mrs. Jones grabs Roger and yells at him on the street for trying to steal her purse. An example of an internal conflict is when Roger doesn’t know if he should Bolt for the door or stay with Mrs. Jones at her house.

What was the conflict in thank you ma am?

Roger has broken society’s rules, and so the conflict of “Thank You, Ma’am” involves man vs. society. While Roger expects to go to jail, Mrs. Jones never reports the crime.

What did Roger fear the most?

Answer. Explanation: When Roger tries to steal Mrs Jones’ pocketbook,she quickly catches him. Roger is stated to be frightened of Mrs Jones in the belief that he will be punished for his attempted robbery.

How her actions connected to her past experiences?

C) Her actions are connected to her past experiences because in the story she hints that she was once like Roger. She may have been put in the same situation when she was young and wished that someone did the same thing for her.

What do we learn about Mrs Jones’s life?

Jones’s home were a palace that reflected vast sums of wealth, her lesson of not needing to steal to get money would ring hollow. However, when Roger sees where she lives, it is clear that she shares some common experience with him. He knows that she knows a life of financial limitation.

Why do you think Mrs Jones makes a point of getting Roger to wash his face?

Jones makes Roger wash his face in order to help instill in him a sense of pride and self-worth. In this story, Mrs. Jones is clearly trying to reform Roger by making him respect himself. After she initially kicks and shakes him, she stops trying to punish him much and instead tries to rehabilitate him.

What is the moral lesson of thank you ma am?

The theme of Thank You, Ma’am is that lessons in what is right and what is wrong are better delivered in an environment of kindness.

How does Mrs Jones show that she has empathy for Roger?

In the following quote, Mrs. Jones shows empathy toward Roger by asking if he’s hungry. When she finds out he is, she takes him home to get supper for him. Readers can make a reasonable inference that she empathizes with him at this point because she sees beyond his crime and into his need.

What did Mrs Jones give Roger at the end of the dinner?

After finishing dinner when it was time to say goodbye, Mrs. Jones gave Roger ten dollars and told him to buy a pair of blue suede shoes.