What does the French word spleen mean?

What does the French word spleen mean?

In French, spleen means melancholy, profound boredom and dissatisfaction. In fact, its synonymous with another French word that the English language has adopted: ennui.

What does MUA mean in French?

(locative noun) before, in front of, first, ahead, forward, in advance, future, front.

Can you give me a lift meaning?

Today’s Phrase One meaning of the phrase ‘to give someone a lift’ is to boost their spirits. For example: My colleagues came to see me when I was in hospital – it really gave me a lift. Let’s take some flowers when we go to visit Grandma, to give her a lift.

What does lifted mean?

to move or bring (something) upward from the ground or other support to a higher position; hoist. to raise or direct upward: He lifted his arm in a gesture of farewell; to lift one’s head.

Does lift mean steal?

lift verb (STEAL) to use someone else’s writing, music, or idea, pretending that it is your own: He’d lifted whole passages from a website.

What is the word lift slang for?

highly intoxicated from marijuana or alcohol. I smoked so much weed last night I got lifted… See more words with the same meaning: under the influence of alcohol, drunk.

What does LIFT mean in slang?

(slang) To steal. verb.

What does bawl mean in slang?

To bawl is defined as to cry or wail loudly. An example of bawl is to sob loudly upon hearing bad news.

Is bawling a slang word?

Verb Phrases bawl out, Informal. to scold vociferously; reprimand or scold vigorously: Your father will bawl you out when he sees this mess.

What is a Bawler?

bawler – someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice. bellower, roarer, screamer, screecher, shouter, yeller. communicator – a person who communicates with others.

Is Stubborn a good trait?

Stubborn people are not always strong-headed in their effort to control others, but in their knowingness of what is better for them or the situation. Unless it’s a pure act to rebel or hurt the other person, doing what you know is best for yourself isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can be a very healthy act.

Is stubbornness a sin?

Ungodly stubbornness IS indeed a sin and it can exact a terrible cost … especially when we are stubborn against the clear instructions of God. Solomon said at the end of Chapter 12, “Love God And Do What He Says.” And I am here just going to add … and do what God says willingly, and without stubbornness.

What is the antonym of stubborn?

stubborn. Antonyms: docile, tractable, manageable, pliant, pliable, malleable, flexible. Synonyms: tough, unbending, unyielding, hard, obstinate, intractable, obdurate, stiff, harsh, inflexible, headstrong, refractory, heady, contumacious, pig-headed.

What is another word for compliant?

What is another word for compliant?

obedient submissive
tractable complaisant
cooperative docile
yielding adaptable
flexible manageable

How do you say stubborn in a nice way?


  1. determined.
  2. firm.
  3. fixed.
  4. hanging tough.
  5. hard-nosed.
  6. immovable.
  7. inexorable.
  8. inflexible.

What is an obstinate person called?

Noun. A person who is dull and unadventurous and who resists change. stick-in-the-mud. fogey.

What does Obstinance mean?

the quality or state of being obstinate; stubbornness. unyielding or stubborn adherence to one’s purpose, opinion, etc. stubborn persistence: The garrison fought on with incredible obstinacy.