What does the Greek term hygiene means?

What does the Greek term hygiene means?

hygiene Add to list Share. Hygiene is any practice or activity that you do to keep things healthy and clean. Hygieia was the Greek goddess of health, cleanliness and sanitation, so it’s not hard to see where the word hygiene comes from.

Where did the word hygiene come from?

The word hygiene comes from the French hygiène which in turn came from the New Latin hygieina and before that the Greek hygieinḕ(téchnē) or healthful (art). Ultimately though, at the end of the etymology trail, is Hygieia, daughter of Asclepius and goddess of cleanliness and sanitation.

Is hygiene a Greek word?

Hygienic comes from the ancient Greek word hygies, meaning “healthy” or, literally, “living well.” This state was represented by the Goddess Hygieia, the embodiment of health and cleanliness.

What is the Greek god of cleaning?


Who is the god of healing?


Who is the Greek god of fitness?

Hygieia, in Greek religion, goddess of health. The oldest traces of her cult are at Titane, west of Corinth, where she was worshipped together with Asclepius, the god of medicine.

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