What does the Latin word duct mean?

What does the Latin word duct mean?

The Latin root words duc and duct mean to ‘lead. ‘ Some common English vocabulary words that come from this root word include educate, reduce, produce, and product.

What is the origin of the word duct?

duct (n.) 1640s, “course, direction,” from Latin ductus “a leading, a conduit pipe,” noun use of past participle of ducere “to lead” (from PIE root *deuk- “to lead”). Anatomical sense “vessel of an animal body by which blood, lymph, etc., are conveyed” is from 1660s.

What are some words with the root word duct?

6 letter words containing duct

  • deduct.
  • adduct.
  • abduct.
  • induct.
  • educts.
  • ductal.
  • ducted.
  • ductor.

What does the word duct mean in a paragraph?

The definition of a duct is a tube, channel or passage that gas or liquid move through. An often enclosed passage or channel for conveying a substance, especially a liquid or gas.

What is duct short for?

DUCT Meaning

2 Duct Ductile + 2 variants Science
1 DUCT Duct Utility Construction & Technologies
1 DUCT Duzi-Umgeni Conservation Trust + 1 variant River, Locations, Water
1 DUCT Duzi uMngeni Conservation Trust

What is another word for duct?

What is another word for duct?

channel pipe
trough vent
vessel airway
aqueduct course
ductule ductus

What is duct system?

What is a duct system? The ventilation system in a building consists of air moving devices such as fans and blowers and a network of ducts to exhaust the contaminated indoor air and to bring in air from the outside of the building. Ducts are channels, tubes, or pipes that carry moving air.

What does Shaft mean?

The noun shaft refers to something that resembles a long, thin pole, such as the long part of an arrow between the tip and the feathers. The word shaft can describe all kinds of things that are long and thin, such a shaft of light or a spear or the handle of a golf club or the midsection of a long bone.

Is shaft a bad word?

to reject or insult someone. I got shafted last night. See more words with the same meaning: to insult, complain, criticize.

What is the purpose of shaft?

A shaft is a long piece of metal, usually circular in cross section, in an engine or machine that turns and transmits power or movement to another part of the machine. They are used for transmitting rotary motion and torque from one point to another.

What is an example of shaft?

The definition of a shaft is a long, narrow handle or a long narrow part of something, a sudden bolt of light or a sudden flash of some feeling. The long narrow handle of a golf club is an example of a shaft. A long narrow mine shaft or a vertical elevator shaft are both examples of a shaft.

What is shaft coupling?

The shaft coupling is the connecting element between the electric motor and the pump hydraulic system. Slip-free shaft couplings employed in centrifugal pumps are divided into rigid and flexible shaft couplings.

Why are shafts used in buildings?

For ventilation of a tunnel or underground structure. As a drop shaft for a sewerage or water tunnel. For access to a tunnel or underground structure, also as an escape route.

Can a shaft be horizontal?

A tunnel is a horizontal passageway located underground… Some structures may require excavation similar to tunnel excavation, but are not actually tunnels. Shafts, for example, are often hand-dug or dug with boring equipment. But unlike tunnels, shafts are vertical and shorter.

What is pilot tunnel method?

A small tunnel or shaft excavated in the center, and in advance of the main drivage, to gain information about the ground and create a free face, thus simplifying the blasting operations.

What is a shaft architecture?

shaft::the structural member which serves as the main support of a column or pier. The shaft is between the capital and the base.

What is a column in architecture?

column, in architecture, a vertical element, usually a rounded shaft with a capital and a base, which in most cases serves as a support. A column may also be nonstructural, used for a decorative purpose or as a freestanding monument.

What is a shaft in a house?

In architecture, an airshaft is a small, vertical space within a tall building which permits ventilation of the building’s interior spaces to the outside. Alternatively, an airshaft may be formed between two adjacent buildings.

What is a tunnel shaft?

: a narrow watertight compartment through which the propeller shaft of a ship passes from the after engine-room bulkhead to the stern tube.

How does a ventilation shaft work?

Ventilation shafts (or vent shafts) are similar to an exhaust fan for the wastewater system. Vent shafts allow air to enter and exit the wastewater system, which is important to help the system work properly. A typical vent shaft in a residential area.

How many types of ventilation are there?

five types

What is Metro ventilation shaft?

The ventilation shaft, which is 43.5m deep, was completed jointly by Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) and Afcons, a private engineering company. Such shafts are not only used to provide ventilation to the tunnels, but also for evacuation during an emergency.

How does an AOV system work?

The main purpose of an AOV system (Automatic Opening Vent) is to aid evacuation by helping to clear lobbies, stairwells and corridors in the event of a fire through ‘smart’ smoke control, allowing a safe route to the nearest means of escape for building occupants.

What is an AOV service?

Advanced smoke ventilation for safe evacuation The main purpose of an AOV system (Automatic Opening Vent) is to aid evacuation by helping to clear lobbies, stairwells and corridors in the event of a fire through ‘smart’ smoke control, allowing a safe route to the nearest means of escape for building occupants.

What does AOV stand for 3d?

AOV stands for Arbitrary Output Variables, which is a really fancy way to refer to render passes.

How often should AOVS be serviced?

4. How often does the AOV system need to be maintained? It is recommended that smoke control equipment is serviced twice a year by a specialist smoke control contractor and maintenance certificates should be produced and kept in a maintenance log.

Where are AOVs required?

Residential buildings: Stairwell AOVs are commonly used in the stairwells of flats where protecting the common escape routes is of paramount importance. The exact requirements for ventilating such buildings are stipulated in Approved Document B of the Building Regulations 2013.