What does the messenger tell Macbeth he sees coming?

What does the messenger tell Macbeth he sees coming?

What does the Messenger tell Macbeth he see coming toward Dunsinane? How does Macbeth respond? Messenger tells Macbeth that trees are moving toward the castle. Macbeth does not believe him at first; then, sounds the alarm for battle.

What is the dramatic purpose of IV II?

The dramatic purpose of this is to emphasize the degree of turmoil in Scotland at this time. It is to indicate that Macbeth’s tyranny has reached such a stage of ruthlessness that he will stop at nothing to ensure that he retains his position. He has also admitted that he is so steeped in blood that there is no return.

Who is the messenger in Macbeth?

The messenger is someone who knows that Lady Macduff is a person of high position or honor (“in your state of honor I am perfect”) who delivers a desperate, though polite, warning. He says he is sorry for scaring Lady Macduff but he tells her that she should leave immediately.

What message does Ross bring to Lady Macduff?

In other words, Ross says that Lady Macduff should not jump to conclusions about her husband. Moreover, he tells her to pull herself together (“I pray you school yourself”) and to remember that these are uncertain times when people are labeled traitors, even though they do not know what crime they have committed.

Does Macbeth kill Macduff family?

In act 4, scene 2, Macbeth hires assassins to murder Macduff and his entire family. Tragically, Macduff’s wife, children, and servants are brutally slaughtered. However, Macduff survives; he is in England attempting to convince Malcolm to challenge Macbeth.

What is a foil in English?

In any narrative, a foil is a character who contrasts with another character; typically, a character who contrasts with the protagonist, in order to better highlight or differentiate certain qualities of the protagonist. In some cases, a subplot can be used as a foil to the main plot.