What does the name Oupa mean?

What does the name Oupa mean?

A submission from South Africa says the name Oupa means “SOUTH AFRICAN. noun: oupa. used as a respectful or affectionate form of address for a grandfather or elderly man. ‘come in, oupa’. It is also used by Africans as a name given to male” and is of African origin.

What does Schnucki mean in German?

Schnucki (das) It’s basically a cute-sounding word made up to express love. It’s not dissimilar to “sweetie-pie,” though. Who should you use it for, and how popular is it? You can use Schnucki for whoever you want.

What does wallah mean in German?

wallah fellow familiar, informal | umgangssprachlich umg. Mann m.

What does NAI mean in German?

, Nai. translation | German-English dictionary

Mir geht’s gut, Nai. Nothing. I’m fine, Nai.
Mir geht’s gut, Nai. I’m fine, Nai.
Das ist das Gleiche, Nai. Same thing, Nai.
Mir geht’s gut, Nai. I’m fine, Nai. No, you’re not.
Das ist das Gleiche, Nai. I know this is totally uncool of me to ask,

What does NAAI mean in Hindi?

Hindi Word नाई Meaning in English – Coiffeur – नाई अंग्रेज़ी में अर्थ नाई Meaning in English is Coiffeur, which is also written as ‘Naai ‘ in Roman. Other Naai Meanings in English include Beautician, Hairdresser, Shaver, Hair Stylist and Tonsorial Artist etc.

What does NAI mean in Chinese?


What is Naynays?

1 : denial, refusal. 2a : a negative reply or vote The nays outnumbered the ayes, and so the measure did not pass. b : one who votes no He voted with the nays. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about nay.

What is Po Po in Chinese?

Chinese English Pinyin Dictionary Search with English, Pinyin, or Chinese characters. 婆婆 pó po. husband’s mother mother-in-law grandma.

How do you write nai nai in Chinese?

The Chinese word nainai – 奶奶 – năinai. (grandmother in Chinese)

How do you say Wai Po in Chinese?

The Chinese word waipo – 外婆 – wàipó (grandmother in Chinese)

What does nai nai mean in Hawaiian?

NAI-NAI. v. See NAI. To exercise or cherish bad feelings; to be sour or crabbed towards others; to be evilly disposed; to struggle against opposition; to hop.

How do you write Waigong in Chinese?

English translation of 外公 ( waigong / wàigōng ) – grandfather in Chinese.

How do you write PO in Chinese?

The Chinese word po – 婆 – pó

How do you write PO in Mandarin?

The Chinese word po – 魄 – pò (soul in Chinese)

What does po mean in Filipino?

“Po” or “Opo” is used as word of courtesy and respect towards the elderly or for someone with a higher rank (like your boss, CEO). Filipino children also say “po” or “opo” to their parents or anyone older than them.

Is Po a Chinese last name?

Po is a common last name found among Overseas Chinese communities around the world. In fact, “Po” is the transliteration of several different Chinese surnames. Its meaning varies depending on how it is spelled in Chinese, and which dialect it is pronounced in.

How do you say Grandma in Cantonese?

嫲 (maa4 | ma2) : grandmother (paternal) – CantoDict.

Why do Chinese say Auntie?

Like many East Asian people, Chinese have a culture: 辈分(seniority in the family or clan). And you should use the same addressing habit on people outside family. Aunt/uncle means people in age like mother/father. If someone is in the same range of age with your parents, you can call her/him aunt/uncle.

Does Popo mean Grandma?

pʰo/, written as popo in Pinyin, means “elder lady” in Pekingese and various other Chinese dialects. Depending on the context and the region, it could refer to grandmother on the mother’s side, mother in law, or an elder lady unrelated to you, etc.

What does gung gung mean?

maternal grandfather

What is another word for gung ho?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for gung ho, like: enthusiastic, energetic, enthused, ardent, banzai, eager, fired up, fanatical, proactive, fervent and warm.

Is gung a word?

gung n. (obsolete) Alternative form of gong: an outhouse.

Is Gung valid Scrabble word?

Yes, gung is a valid Scrabble word.

Is Ho a Scrabble word?

Yes, ho is in the scrabble dictionary.

What are the D words?

  • dabs.
  • dace.
  • dada.
  • dado.
  • dads.
  • daff.
  • daft.
  • dags.

Is Xi a Scrabble word?

XI is a valid scrabble word.

Is Jo a word for Scrabble?

JO is a valid scrabble word.

What word is Jo?

: sweetheart, dear —often used in addressing a person John Anderson, my jo John— Robert Burns. Jo. abbreviation.