What does the phrase piecemeal mean?

What does the phrase piecemeal mean?

step by step

What is a piecemeal approach?

1. made or done in separate stages rather than being planned and done as a whole. a piecemeal approach to the problem.

What is another word for piecemeal?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for piecemeal, like: intermittent, , completely, top-down, bit-by-bit, step-by-step, gradually, aliquot, fractional, fractionary and fragmentary.

Can piecemeal be used as a verb?

Verb. (transitive) To divide or distribute piecemeal; dismember.

Where does the phrase piecemeal come from?

piecemeal (adv.) 1) + Middle English meal “fixed time, period of time, occasion,” from Old English mælum “at a time,” dative plural of mæl “appointed time, food served” (see meal (n. 1)).

What is the origin of piecemeal?

The compound adverb “piecemeal” was formed in Middle English when the “-meal” suffix was added to the noun “piece” (a part or portion), which had come into English from French about 1230. In Old and Middle English, the noun “meal,” derived from Germanic, meant not only a measure but a time or an occasion.

What is the opposite of piecemeal?

What is the opposite of piecemeal?

abrupt sudden
overnight discontinuous
infrequent intermittent
irregular rapid

Where does piecemeal come from?

The compound adverb “piecemeal” was formed in Middle English when the “-meal” suffix was added to the noun “piece” (a part or portion), which had come into English from French about 1230.

What is the etymology of peace?

mid-12c., pes, “freedom from civil disorder, internal peace of a nation,” from Anglo-French pes, Old French pais “peace, reconciliation, silence, permission” (11c., Modern French paix), from Latin pacem (nominative pax) “compact, agreement, treaty of peace, tranquility, absence of war” (source of Provençal patz.

What is fragmented?

1 : broken or separated into distinct parts Another fragmented language group is the Austroasiatic family, whose most widely spoken languages are Vietnamese and Cambodian.—

What is an example of fragmentation?

The act or process of breaking into fragments. The definition of fragmentation is being broken down into sections. An example of fragmentation is cutting a worm into pieces. The scattering of the fragments of an exploding bomb or other projectile.

What is a fragmented society?

In urban sociology, fragmentation refers to the absence or underdevelopment of connections between a society and the grouping of certain of its members. These connections may concern culture, nationality, race, language, occupation, religion, income level, or other common interests.

What is fragmentation in one word?

1 : the act or process of fragmenting or making fragmentary. 2 : the state of being fragmented or fragmentary. Other Words from fragmentation Example Sentences Learn More About fragmentation.

Which is the best example of fragmentation?

Fragmentation is found in both animals and plants. Fungi, lichens, molds, worms, sea stars, acoel flatworms, and sponges are some of the common examples where the mode of reproduction occurs via fragmentation.

What does this mean fragmentation?

Fragmentation most generally means the process of fragmenting—breaking into pieces or being divided into parts. The verb fragmentate, which comes from fragmentation, means the same thing as the verb fragment—to separate something into parts or to break it into fragments.

What is fragmentation in simple words?

Fragmentation, the splitting of cells into two parts and makes new bodies is known as fragmentation. Each fragment develops into a mature clone genetically and morphologically identical to its parent. It is a type of asexual reproduction or vegetative propagation.

What is fragmentation with diagram?

Fragmentation is a type of asexual reproduction in which an organism simply breaks in individual pieces at maturity. These individual small pieces then grow to form a new organism e.g., Spirogyra. Spirogyra undergoes fragmentation which results in many filaments. Each filament grows into mature filament.

What are the advantages of fragmentation?

Fragmentation is the task of dividing a table into a set of smaller tables….Advantages of Fragmentation

  • Since data is stored close to the site of usage, efficiency of the database system is increased.
  • Local query optimization techniques are sufficient for most queries since data is locally available.

What is the need of fragmentation?

Fragmentation is necessary for data transmission, as every network has a unique limit for the size of datagrams that it can process. This limit is known as the maximum transmission unit (MTU).

Which of the following is correct the fragmentation is applicable?

the fragmentation is applicable for data in the datagram but not for header. 2. reassembly of the fragments must be performed at teh destination because,the intermediate network may have different maximumtransmission unit(MTU)sises.

Which three fields are used for fragmentation purpose?

The host or router that fragments a datagram must change the values of three fields: flags, fragmentation offset, and total length.

What are the problems involved in an IP fragmentation process?

What are the problems involved in an IP Fragmentation Process? a. Loss of any fragment results in rejection of all datagrams. Multiple attempts can be made to recover ICMP error message due to connection-oriented IP service.

Which device can reassemble the packet?

In order to retrieve the original message, the packet must be reassembled at the destination device. Intermediate routers can fragment packets, but it cannot reassemble them because fragments do not always take the same routes from source to destination.

What are the different types of fragmentation?

There are three different but related forms of fragmentation: external fragmentation, internal fragmentation, and data fragmentation, which can be present in isolation or conjunction.

Where does IP reassembly occur?

Reassembly is intended to happen in the receiving host but in practice it may be done by an intermediate router, for example, network address translation (NAT) may need to reassemble fragments in order to translate data streams.

What causes IP fragmentation?

IP fragmentation occurs when packets are broken up into smaller pieces (fragments) so they can pass through a link at a smaller maximum transmission unit (MTU) than the original (larger) packet size. The fragments are then put back together by the host receiving them, or destination host.

Where is fragmentation and reassembly done?

network layer

What is TCP protocol used for?

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) – a connection-oriented communications protocol that facilitates the exchange of messages between computing devices in a network. It is the most common protocol in networks that use the Internet Protocol (IP); together they are sometimes referred to as TCP/IP.