What does the root spect spec mean?

What does the root spect spec mean?

The Latin root word spect and its variant spic both mean “see.” These roots are the word origin of a fair number of English vocabulary words, including spectator, respect, auspicious and suspicion.

What does Spec mean?

1 : specification —usually used in plural also : a single quantity (such as a dimension or a measure of performance) describing a product especially as part of a specification. 2 : speculation built the house on spec. spec. verb. specced or spec’d\ ˈspekt \; speccing.

What is spect spec?


What are some words with the root word spec?

Spec- Root Words

retrospective looking back at things
spectacle something displayed for the public to see
spectacles glasses that help somebody see better
spectator a person who watches something such as a sporting event

What is the Latin root for See?

The Latin root words vis and its variant vid both mean “see.” These Latin roots are the word origin of a good number of English vocabulary words, including visual, invisible, provide, and evidence.

What does the root word path mean?

The Greek root word path can mean either “feeling” or “disease.” This word root is the word origin of a number of English vocabulary words, including sympathy, apathy, pathological, and sociopath.

What is the Greek meaning of logy?

-logy is a suffix in the English language, used with words originally adapted from Ancient Greek ending in -λογία (-logia). The suffix has the sense of “the character or deportment of one who speaks or treats of [a certain subject]”, or more succinctly, “the study of [a certain subject]”.

What is the Latin root word for Omni?

word-forming element meaning “all,” from Latin omni-, combining form of omnis “all, every, the whole, of every kind,” a word of unknown origin, perhaps literally “abundant,” from *op-ni-, from PIE root *op- “to work, produce in abundance.”

What does Omni mean in the Bible?

Theologians are individuals who study God. In order to describe God’s attributes, or characteristics, theologians use three important terms: omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. Omni is the Latin root, meaning ‘all. ‘ This is important to remember as we move along.

What does Omni mean in Spanish?

Español. omni prefix. (all; universal) omni prefijo. For example: omnidirectional, omnipresent.

What does omni directional mean?

: being in or involving all directions especially : receiving or sending radio waves equally well in all directions omnidirectional antenna.

What does Omnicompetence mean?

: able to handle any situation especially : having the authority or legal capacity to act in all matters.

What does Omnificent mean?

: unlimited in creative power.

What is the meaning of omnipotent?

Omnipotence is the quality of having unlimited power and potential. Monotheistic religions generally attribute omnipotence only to the deity of their faith.

What is the meaning of omnipresent?

Omnipresent, ubiquitous refer to the quality of being everywhere. Omnipresent emphasizes in a lofty or dignified way the power, usually divine, of being present everywhere at the same time, as though all-enveloping: Divine law is omnipresent.

What is the best definition of omnipresent?

adjective. Something that is omnipresent is present everywhere or seems to be always present. [formal] The sound of sirens was an omnipresent background noise in New York. Synonyms: ubiquitous, ever-present, pervasive More Synonyms of omnipresent.

What is ubiquity?

: presence everywhere or in many places especially simultaneously : omnipresence.

What is the best synonym for ubiquitous?

other words for ubiquitous

  • everywhere.
  • omnipresent.
  • pervasive.
  • universal.
  • all-over.
  • ubiquitary.
  • wall-to-wall.

What is another word for ubiquity?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ubiquity, like: omnipresence, universality, pervasiveness, pervasion, all-presence, ubiquitousness, immediacy and unreliability.

What does tolerable mean?

1 : capable of being borne or endured tolerable pain. 2 : moderately good or agreeable : passable a tolerable singing voice.

What is a flippant remark?

adjective. frivolously disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness; characterized by levity: The audience was shocked by his flippant remarks about patriotism.