What does the word Alaiyo mean?

What does the word Alaiyo mean?

one for whom bread is not enough

What does Alaiyo mean in A Raisin in the Sun quizlet?

Why does Asagai call beneatha an assimilationist?

Joseph Asagai questions Beneatha as to why she “mutilates” her hair by straightening it. Beneatha is offended by Asagai’s remarks about her hair and about being an assimilationist because she wants to identify as a woman who is knowledgeable about her African ancestry.

How does beneatha feel about Asagai?

Beneatha is interested in Asagai as more than a friend, but she isn’t willing to be a one night stand. ASAGAI (Shaking his head negatively but gently) No. Between a man and a woman there need be only one kind of feeling. BENEATHA I know—and by itself—it won’t do.

What does beneatha believe in?

Beneatha is a realist who believes in tangible, scientifically provable concepts and completely denies the existence of God. Beneatha believes that men and women should be championed and given credit for accomplishments instead of always giving God credit.

What does beneatha say about God?

What was Beneatha’s attitude towards God? She said she did not accept the idea of God — “there is only man and it is he who makes miracles.”

Why does beneatha want to be a doctor?

She struggles to keep hope in her dreams of becoming a doctor when her brother loses the money for her to attend medical school, and she wanted to become a doctor because she cares about people and wants to heal them.

What is Asagai’s present to beneatha?

Joseph Asagai brings Beneatha a gift of African records and some Nigerian robes. After he leaves, Travis brings in the insurance check from the mailbox, and Walter seizes this opportunity to discuss his business plans again.

What do Walter and Ruth both want?

The most important thing that Walter wants from Ruth is support. He feels trapped in a limiting job and hopes for more for himself (and for his family). Many of the requests Walter makes early in the scene are reciprocated by Ruth and they are somewhat trifling quibbles and repeated remarks.

What is the conflict between Mama and beneatha?

Mama and Beneatha argue because Mrs. Younger does not like the things Beneatha is saying, and feels her daughter is taking the name of the Lord in vain. Beneatha states her age, 20 years old, as proof of her right to speak the way she wishes, but her mother feels it has nothing to do with age.

Do the Youngers stay or move?

Subsequently, she receives a marriage proposal from her Nigerian boyfriend, Joseph Asagai, who wants Beneatha to get a medical degree and move to Africa with him (Beneatha does not make her choice before the end of the play). The Youngers eventually move out of the apartment, fulfilling the family’s long-held dream.

Why do you think Mama changes her mind and gives Walter the insurance money?

Why do you think Mama changes her mind and gives Walter the insurance money? She gives him the money because she wanted to support the rest of the family.

What does Mama accuse Walter of in a raisin in the sun?

What does Walter Accuse Mama of? Ruth is very happy, Walter is upset about it. Walter says that Mama destroyed his dream.

Why does Mr Lindner come to the Younger’s apartment?

Why does Mr. Lindner come to the Youngers’ apartment? He represents the neighborhood welcoming committee, Clybourne Park Improvement Association (CPIA). He wants to bribe them out of moving into the house.

Who is Mr Lindner Why does he visit?

Who is Karl Lindner, and why did he visit the Younger’s house? Karl Lindner is a representative of the Welcoming Committee from Clybourne Park, the Younger’s new home. He visits them to ask them to not move into the neighborhood.

What gift or gifts does Mama receive?

Travis gives Mama a gardening hat – a large straw hat with fruits/flowers on it and a ribbon to tie it on with. The rest of the family thinks it wis very funny, making reference to Mama wearing it to pick cotton, but Travis is absolutely serious with his gift.

What does Karl Lindner symbolize?

Lindner represents the white majority that controlled the country. He also represents the racism of the white majority that segregated America (officially and unofficially) and helped to perpetuate the cycle of poverty which many African-American families had been caught in since the time of slavery.