What does the word cornice mean in the poem because I could not stop for death?

What does the word cornice mean in the poem because I could not stop for death?

The “House” that swells in the ground is the mound from a grave; the roof is the headstone, and the description of the cornice being in the ground means that the grave is the actual house of the entombed; so only the roof (tombstone) is visible above the earth.

What is the difference between conventional and modern literary genres?

Answer. Traditional literature usually follow a strict set of rules in writing, whereas, modern literature is more free, and sometimes mixes different qualities of literary work to form a more creative and innovative piece.

What is 21st century literature?

The 21st century in literature refers to world literature produced during the 21st century. The measure of years is, for the purpose of this article, literature written from (roughly) the year 2001 to the present.

What is the theme of 21st century literature?

1 Identity With increasing globalization, intersections of cultures and more vocal discussions of women’s rights and LGBT rights, identity has become a common theme in 21st century literature.

What can be inferred about the traits of 21st century viewers?

Characteristics of 21st Century Learners

  • They demonstrate independence.
  • They build strong content knowledge.
  • They respond to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline.
  • They comprehend as well as critique.
  • They value evidence.
  • They use technology and digital media strategically and capably.

What is the effect of Raleigh’s structural choices?

What is the effect of Raleigh’s structural choices? Student responses may include: Raleigh uses the same number of stanzas and the same rhyme scheme in his poem that Marlowe uses to make it clear that his poem is a response to Marlowe’s poem.

When rivers rage and rocks grow cold?

Time drives the flocks from field to fold When rivers rage and rocks grow cold, And Philomel becometh dumb; The rest complains of cares to come. The flowers do fade, and wanton fields To wayward winter reckoning yields; A honey tongue, a heart of gall, Is fancy’s spring, but sorrow’s fall.

What does In folly ripe in reason rotten mean?

In folly ripe, in reason rotten. Ouch. Ralegh is officially dissing all of Marlowe’s shepherd’s plans, and basically saying that his promises are worthless because those gowns, skirts, caps, and beds of roses will become piles of smelly, rotten flowers.

Who is Philomel in the nymph Reply to the Shepherd?

As we mentioned in the “Summary,” Philomel, or Philomela, is the name of a Greek goddess who was turned into a bird. The word has come to represent so much more, though, and a lot of its potential symbolism plays into Ralegh’s poem.