What does unacquainted mean?

What does unacquainted mean?

English Language Learners Definition of unacquainted : not having knowledge about something : not having seen or experienced something. : not having met : not knowing each other in a personal or social way.

How do you spell unacquainted?


  1. clueless,
  2. ignorant,
  3. incognizant,
  4. innocent,
  5. insensible,
  6. nescient,
  7. oblivious,
  8. unaware,

How do you use unacquainted in a sentence?

Acquainted in a Sentence ?

  1. If you are acquainted with the hiring manager, I would love to give him a copy of my resume.
  2. April’s husband is not acquainted with her favorite television show so she suggested he watch a few episodes of the program.

What does familiar mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a member of the household of a high official. 2 : one who is often seen and well known especially : an intimate associate : companion. 3 : a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person the loathsome toad, the witches’ familiar— Harvey Graham.

What is the example of familiar?

The definition of familiar is something or someone who is friendly to you or known to you because of past history or experience. An example of familiar is a description for an old friend. An example of familiar is a description for your home and the path you take to get there. Familiar with the Bible.

What does it mean familiarity breeds contempt?

saying. used to say that if you know someone very well you stop respecting them because you have seen all of their bad qualities.

What does very much acquainted mean?

1 : having personal knowledge of something : having seen or experienced something —+ with a lawyer who is well acquainted with the facts in this caseI’m not acquainted with her books.

Is Acquaintant a word?

noun A person with whom one is acquainted.

How can you tell the difference between a friend and an acquaintance?

A friend is a person you have a strong connection with. An acquaintance is just someone you know by name and with whom you have a contextual connection with (from school, from work, from your friend’s party, etc.). A friend is someone you know.

Is acquaintance a relationship?

An acquaintance is someone you know a little about, but they’re not your best friend or anything. An acquaintance is less intimate than a friend, like a person in your class whose name you know, but that’s it. When you “make the acquaintance of” someone, you meet them for the first time.

Can a friendship turn romantic?

Because friendship, it turns out, can make or break a romantic relationship. This is not unexpected: Most people would identify friendship as a feature of long-term love, but a recent scientific study demonstrates how valuing friendship may improve one’s relationship quality.

What is the most intimate part of a relationship?

Trusting and caring. Two of the most important components of an intimate relationship are trust and caring. When trust exists, partners feel secure that disclosing intimate feelings will not lead to ridicule, rejection, or other harm.