What does WAWA mean in the Bolivian dialect?

What does WAWA mean in the Bolivian dialect?

Verb. wawa. to talk, say, tell. to speak (a language) quotations ▼

What does WAWA mean in Quechua?

infant, child

What does WAWA mean in Philippines?

n. mouth of a river

What does Kawawa mean in Tagalog?

kawawa. pitiful; have been dismissed; May be synonymous with: Tagalog. English.

What does Wawawa mean in Dominican Republic?

dominican republic Noun that designates people of low social status and who are followers of urban music. Normally, they are people who live precariously.

What do Dominican guys like in a girl?

Dominican men look for women who they are attracted to and opposites do attract, to each it’s own. But they definitely want their women pretty at all times and subservient.

What race is Dominican considered?

Ethnicity. The population of the Dominican Republic is predominantly of mixed African and European ethnicity, and there are small Black and white minorities.

Is Dominican Hispanic or Caribbean?

The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are in the Caribbean, which considers the people from these islands Latinos. Mind you there is no place called Latin America, but America, this includes North America, South America and Central America. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans speak Spanish not Latin.

What’s up in Dominican slang?

Dime a ver literally translates as “tell me so I can see”, but has the meaning of what’s up? Just like in English, the phrase “What’s up?” is used all over the world. Dominicans usually want to know what is going on with you.

What do you call a Dominican girl?

1. bicha: In the Dominican Republic is a term of endearment for little girl. 2. botija: Uruguay. The same word can be used also for boy, young boy or son.

What does Palomo mean in Dominican slang?

(vulgar, Dominican Republic, slang) coward, punk.

What does vato mean in Dominican slang?

Noun. vato (plural vatos) (Chicano, slang) Hispanic youth; guy; dude.

What does Orale vato mean?

As a greeting, the word is used by Cheech Marin in his 1987 film Born in East L.A. in the phrase “Órale vato, ¡wassápenin!”, meaning “All right, man! What’s happening?”, a popular phrase used by Mexican Americans who have taken the gitano word vato from northern Mexico slang to mean “man”.

What is Saludo de vato?

3. saludo de vato (sä-lLPdI dD bäPtI) Spanish: greeting between Mexican-American friends. 4. ese (DPsD) Spanish: a slang term used in addressing someone, as in “Hey, man.” 5.

What does Tato mean in English?

Word forms: tato, tata. masculine noun/feminine noun. (= hermano) brother/sister.

Is Tato a name?

Tato is the 29,787th most commonly used family name on a global scale, held by around 1 in 405,720 people.

What does tanto mean in Spanish slang?

What Is the Spanish Tanto and When Is It Used? On the other hand, tanto is an adjective. This may shock you if you know its meaning is “as much/as many,” but that is the truth. You are probably used to seeing adjectives like blanco and its siblings blanca, blancos and blancas, or grande and its sibling grandes.

What is a superlative in Spanish?

Quick Answer. Superlative adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns. They are often used to talk about the most or the least of something. Adjectives are used to compare and contrast nouns in Spanish in comparisons of equality, comparisons of inequality, and in superlatives.

What is the difference between Tan Como and tanto como?

In short, tan is an adverb and it is used with adjectives; tanto is an adjective and it is used with nouns.

Is Carne masculine or feminine?

Carne is feminine. It can not depend on what you think. To know a noun is masculine or feminine, you should learn by heart.

How is carne feminine?

Why is meat “la carne” and not “el carne”? Because it is a feminine noun. Remember when a noun starts with a vowel like a it uses el even if it is feminine like el agua but las aguas negras.

Is Arroz feminine or masculine?

arroz is masculine and it has its stress on the last syllable (aguda) so it is not one of those feminine words.

Is meat masculine or feminine in French?

viande (vee-ahnd) noun, feminine France and Monaco Rentals.

Is Steak Haché masculine or feminine?


French English
2. steak haché (masculine noun) patty (noun)
3. fer de hache (masculine noun) axe head (noun)
4. hache d’armes (feminine noun) battle axe (noun)
5. hache de guerre (feminine noun) battleaxe (noun)