What does Wela mean?

What does Wela mean?

1. nvt. Hot, burned; heat, temperature. Fig., lust, passion; to feel such. (Wela may refer to the fiery heat of taboo, an epithet applied to Ka-lā-kaua.)

What does Vela mean in Hawaiian?

hot, heat, is hot.

What does Canaka mean?

KANAKA, a Polynesian word meaning “man,” used by Polynesians to describe themselves.

What does Kanack mean in German?

Kanacken or Kanaks/Kanax) is a German word for people from German-speaking countries with roots in Turkey, Arab countries and Persian speaking countries. The word is originally derived from the Hawaiian word for human, kanaka.

What Kapu means?

Kapu is the ancient Hawaiian code of conduct of laws and regulations. The Hawaiian word kapu is usually translated to English as “forbidden”, though it also carries the meanings of “keep out”, “no trespassing”, “sacred”, “consecrated”, or “holy”.

What is Kanak attack mean?

KANAK ATTACK (kə-nak ə-tak) The feeling of intense laziness you get from eating too much.

Is Kamma and chowdary same?

Moreover, in the Telangana region, Muslim rulers collected taxes through intermediaries from the dominant castes, such as the Kammas, who were given the title Chowdary.

Who broke the kapu system?

A major event in Hawaiian history occurred in 1819, shortly after the death of King Kamehameha, with the overthrow of the ancient kapu system.

Who started the kapu system?

King Kamehameha II

What is a Hawaiian heiau?

A heiau (/ˈheɪ. aʊ/) is a Hawaiian temple. Made in different architectural styles depending upon their purpose and location, they range from simple earth terraces, to elaborately constructed stone platforms.

Who are the four main Hawaiian gods?

the four gods (ka hā) – Kū, Kāne, Lono, and Kanaloa.

What is a Hawaiian burial ground called?

Lekeleke Burial Grounds

Is speaking Hawaiian illegal?

After the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893, teaching and learning through the medium of Hawaiian was banned in 1896. Many Hawaiian elders have told of being punished for speaking Hawaiian at school. On the political side, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs was created in the 1978 Constitutional Convention.

What language is mostly spoken in Hawaii?

Named after the largest island in the archipelago, Hawaiian is the native tongue of Hawaii and was established by King Kamehameha III in 1839. Despite its history and breadth (once spoken by 500,000 people), the Hawaiian language has been almost completely taken over by English.