What does Yung mean?

What does Yung mean?

Yung is also a variant spelling of the English and Scottish surname Young. These surnames originated from the Middle English word yong. Yung may also originate from Cyrillic transcription of the German surname Jung (Юнг), which can be found among the descendants of Germans in the former Soviet Union.

Is Yung a Scrabble word?

YUNG is not a valid scrabble word.

Is Yong a word?

yong adj. Obsolete spelling of young.

Is CU a valid Scrabble word?

No, cu is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Xu a word?

XU is a valid scrabble word.

Is eazzy a GA?

Eazzy is a Ga from Accra. She comes from a family of four- her younger brother, mother, dad and herself. She describes herself as a fun loving person.

What language does GA Adangbe speak?

Language. Linguistically, the Ga-Dangbe speak the Kwa languages Ga and Dangme and are a patrilineal people.

How do you say I miss you in Wolof?

A collection of useful phrases in Wolof, a Niger-Congo language spoken mainly in Senegal….Useful phrases in Wolof.

English Wolof
I miss you Namm naa la
I love you Begg naa la (general) Sopp naa la (I admire you – when courting) Nopp naa la (between partners)

How do you say you in Wolof?

Greetings and essentials

  1. Salaam aleekum (Sa-laam-a-ley-kum): hello;
  2. Respond with malekum salaam (mal-ay-kum-sal-aam): hello to you.
  3. Na nga def (nan-ga-def): how are you?
  4. Respond with maa ngi fi (man-gi-fi): I’m fine, thanks.
  5. Jërejëf (je-re-jef): thank you.
  6. Waaw / déedéyt (wao / dey-dey): yes / no.

How is Wolof written?

Wolof was first written with a version of the Arabic script known as Wolofal, which is still used by many older men in Senegal. The Wolof orthography using the Latin alphabet was standardised in 1974 and is the official script for Wolof in Senegal.

How do you say baby in Wolof?

baby in Wolof is liir. The Wolof word for baby is liir.

How do you say Queen in Wolof?

The word “Lingeer” means “queen” or “princess” in Wolof language and was adopted by the Serer who modeled many of their royal and political institutions and titles after Wolof royal and political institutions.