What effect does Captain Beatty have on Montag?

What effect does Captain Beatty have on Montag?

Beatty gives Montag what their society was so good at witholding: information, things to think about, and the truth of how they got there. He gives Montag an entire history of their society, and of his profession.

How does Beatty attack and argue with Montag What is Montag’s reaction?

Beatty takes a multifaceted approach to arguing with Montag; I would liken him to a father or older brother. Beatty is usually calm and authoritarian when discussing these subjects with Montag, demonstrated by actions such as smoking, which usually implies that a casual conversation is being held.

What does Beatty do to Montag?

Beatty orders Montag to burn the house by himself with his flamethrower and warns that the Hound is on the watch for him if he tries to escape. Montag burns everything, and when he is finished, Beatty places him under arrest. Beatty sees that Montag is listening to something and strikes him on the head.

What did Captain Beatty lie to Montag about?

Answers 3. Beatty tells Montag that books are traitors, that they do nothing more than give contradictory information…… he pretends he’s not at all educated when he is actually well read. Earlier in the novel he allows Montag to believe that firemen weren’t once used to fight fires……

What does Guy Montag symbolize?

Montag looks like a fireman and sometimes like an astronaut in his fireproof dress and with his helmet (with the number 451 on the front). He also wears a black uniform and always has a smile on his face which symbolizes that he loves to live dangerously and maybe is a dangerous man.

How did Clarisse’s psychologist describe her?

How did Clarisse’s school and psychologist describe her? Clarisse’s school and psychologist describe her as a regular onion and anti-social. The truth is that she is afraid of kids her age because they kill each other.

Why does Beatty think books should be burned?

Beatty’s explicit reason for destroying books is to maintain social order. According to Beatty, society got so overpopulated, so sensitive to insult, and so concerned with pleasure, that things which created divisions became so unwelcome as to be dangerous to social order itself.

Why does Beatty think books are bad?

Why did Captain Beatty believe books should be destroyed? Because he felt they were useless. They are unpleasant to some people because it causes stress and worriment. It also makes people think, which the government doesn’t want.