What genre is the white giraffe?

What genre is the white giraffe?


What is the theme of the white giraffe?

Theme – The WHITE Giraffe. The theme of this book is “Everything happens for a reason” because it shows how one eleven year old girl goes through losing her parents on her birthday. As her father is kissing her goodnight he says to her “Don’t worry Martine, everything happens for a reason”(Pg. 6).

How many pages does the white giraffe have?

The White Giraffe

First edition cover
Author Lauren St John
Pages 192
ISBN 1-84255-520-0
Followed by Dolphin Song

Who made the white giraffe?

Lauren St. John

Are there any white giraffes?

A few dedicated humans in Kenya are moving fast to ensure the safety of one of the world’s rarest animals — a single white giraffe. The nameless reticulated giraffe living in the Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy in Kenya has snow-white fur due to a condition known as leucism.

Is the White Giraffe a true story?

About the Author Lauren St. John lives in London, England. A well-respected biographer and sports journalist, she grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa, where she had a pet giraffe, as well as numerous dogs, horses, and warthogs. This setting inspired The White Giraffe as well as her recent memoir, Rainbow’s End.

Who is the main character in the white giraffe?

Martine Allen

What happens in the white giraffe?

Lauren St John’s The White Giraffe is an engaging and mystic read in which an eleven year old girl, Martine, wakes up to find her house on fire. When her parents die in the fire, she is forced to go and stay in Africa with a Grandma she didn’t even know she had.

What is the setting of the book The White Giraffe?

The beginning setting of this book takes place in England and it introduces the main character. The setting then shifts over to Africa for the remainder of the book. The story takes us to a place where there are more animals than people and where the animals run the place if not secured.

Is there a white giraffe movie?

It centers on a young heroine transplanted from England to a wildlife preserve in South Africa to live with a grandmother she never knew after the death of her parents. After she arrives, she discovers a mythical white giraffe and tries to unlock the mystery of why everyone’s keeping the giraffe a secret.

Is the White Giraffe a film?

This is the overview video for a narrative feature film adaptation of the book The White Giraffe written by Lauren St.