What happened in Chapter 1 outsiders?

What happened in Chapter 1 outsiders?

Summary: Chapter 1. Ponyboy Curtis, the narrator, begins the novel with a story: he is walking home one afternoon after watching a Paul Newman film, and his mind starts to wander. Ponyboy steps back from his story to explain that walking alone is unsafe for greasers, the East Side gang of friends to which he belongs.

What is the summary of Chapter 3 of the outsiders?

Ponyboy notices that Bob wears three heavy rings on his hand. The greasers and Socs nearly get into a fight, but the girls agree to leave with their boyfriends to prevent violence. Before leaving, Cherry tells Ponyboy that she hopes she won’t see Dally again, because she thinks she could fall in love with him.

What is the summary of Chapter 7 in the outsiders?

A crowd of reporters comes into the hospital waiting room, and Ponyboy answers their questions. Afterward, the doctor explains to Ponyboy and his brothers that Dallas will be okay within a few weeks, but he will have some scarring. Johnny will be crippled for life if he survives.

What major events happened in chapter 3 outsiders?

In a fit of rage, Darry slaps Ponyboy, who immediately runs out of the house. Pony then meets up with Johnny, and the two friends decide to walk to the park to settle down. Pony’s decision to run away and walk to the park with Johnny is significant and leads to the dramatic scene that results in Bob Sheldon’s death.

Is the outsiders a short story?

The Outsiders: Setup The Outsiders (1967) is a well-known young adult novel by American writer S.E. Hinton. It tells the story of 14-year-old Ponyboy Curtis and his two older brothers, Soda and Darry.

Why does two-bit scares Johnny and Pony?

What does Two-Bit do that scares Johnny and Ponyboy? Two-Bit Grabs their shoulders and impersonated a mad Soc. That was especially frighting to Johnny because a Soc nearly killed him.

When two-bit comes up behind Pony and Johnny at the drive in Johnny feels?

Q. When Two-Bit comes up behind Pony and Johnny at the drive-in, Johnny feels… embarrassed to be seen with him.