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What happened in The Watsons Go to Birmingham Chapter 4?

What happened in The Watsons Go to Birmingham Chapter 4?

Kenny decides to give his first pair of gloves to Rufus. He tells Momma he lost them and she gives him his second pair. Now the two friends are both armed and ready for snowball fights. Things are great for a few days until Kenny’s new pair of brown leather gloves disappears from the closet at school.

What happened in chapter 9 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

In chapter 9 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, the Watson family sets out on their trip to Birmingham, Alabama in the Brown Bomber, taking Byron to Alabama to stay with Grandma Sands. Momma and Dad had to keep Byron with them the night before the trip to keep him from running away.

Who was the only brave enough to enter the church and search for Joey?


Why do the Watsons Go to Birmingham?

The Watsons Go to Birmingham is the story of the Watson family of Flint, Michigan and their experiences traveling down to Birmingham, Alabama in an effort to fix the problems present in one of their children.

Why does Kenny get bullied?

He has a lazy eye and is an excellent student, both of which make him the target of bullying at Clark Elementary School. Kenny often fights with Byron, and almost always gets back at him. He loves to read and is extremely smart.

What Kenny gives Rufus?

Rufus gives Cody half of the sandwich Kenny gave him.

What are the two things wrong with Rufus?

Rufus has two things wrong with him too – his “countrified” background and poverty, as evidenced by his clothes.

How does LJ trick Kenny?

How did LJ win the World’s Greatest Dinosaur War Ever? LJ tricked Kenny to bury the dinosaur and after they left LJ went back and stole them. You just studied 8 terms!

Who is LJ Jones Why do you think Kenny is friends with LJ even though LJ isn’t nice to him?

LJ Jones was Kenny’s old friend that used to play Dinosaur War with Kenny. I think Kenny is friends with LJ, even though he isn’t nice to him, because I think that playing dinosaurs alone for Kenny would be boring, considering there are two sides, the Nazi and the Americans, since he would have no one to play with.

Who stole a bunch of Kenny’s dinosaurs?

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Question Answer
He stole half of Kenny’s plastic dinosaurs after the World’s greatest dinosaur war ever L.J Jones

Who is Kenny’s personal saver?

Kenny’s family is Christian and he attends Sunday School. There he learned about Jesus Christ and his individual relationship to all believers. This means understanding that Jesus is the personal savior of each individual. As Kenny is not familiar with the word “savior,” he understands it as “saver.”

What caused the Radioactiveness of the dinosaurs?

The reason that dinosaur fossils can be radioactive is because they come from the ground, and radioactive elements are a common component of soils and rock formations all over the earth. In fact, 50 – 80% percent of the heat warming the earth’s core is created by the decay of radioactive elements.

What is Kenny’s job at school after he takes off his hat and coat?

It is Kenny’s job to help Joey out of her outerwear once she gets to school, so Kenny dutifully goes down to the kindergarten every day after he has taken off all his own “junk” to tend to his little sister.

What dangerous act does momma say Byron can’t do anymore?

Momma even swore to God she would burn Byron the next time he put the family in danger by playing with fire. Not even a week later, Byron is at it again. That boy just does not learn.

What does Kenny do when he reaches the church?

Kenny enters the church and finds a shoe that he believes is Joetta’s and thinks that she is dead. In another imaginary fight with the Wool Pooh, he somehow gets the shoe and returns home to Grandma Sands’ in a daze. Joetta comes home a little later to ask where Kenny went so quickly.

What happened in Chapter 8 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

In chapter 8 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, the kids know something is up when Dad starts to fix up the Brown Bomber. The car gets new used tires, a new antenna, new spark plugs, oil, and antifreeze, topped off with new brown and white seat covers for the front seat.

What do the Watsons call their car?

Brown Bomber

Why does Kenny think the back of the couch would be a safe place for him to hide?

Why does Kenny think the back of the couch would be a safe place for him to hide? Why do you think he behaved this way? He was traumatized and in shock so the couch was his safe place. Why would Byron make Kenny come to the bathroom to check out his facial hair?

Why does Byron start sleeping on the couch?

Believe it or not, Byron spends so much time on the couch towards the end of this story because he is concerned about his younger brother Kenny and the way that he is acting since they returned to Flint after the terrible experiences of Birmingham and the violence and death that Kenny witnessed.

Why does joetta think Kenny changed his clothes?

She thinks that Kenny is trying to mess with her mind. She believes that she saw him across the street just a moment ago but that he was wearing different clothes. So she is sure that he has somehow managed to sneak in and change clothes just to spook her.