What happened to Christina in divergent?

What happened to Christina in divergent?

The following night, Tris wakes Christina up and tells her that she’s going to Abnegation to see her brother, but she actually goes to Erudite to turn herself in as a Divergent. During the invasion, Christina and Tris are stopped by Edward, and Christina is shot in the leg while trying to fight him off but survives.

What do you think of Christina’s actions toward Tris at the end of the game why doesn’t Tris protest?

I think that the actions Christina pointed towards Tris at the end of the game were very childish. Tris doesn’t protest because she didn’t want to be greedy.

Why did Tris kill will?

Will defends her and Peter shoots back that Tris is close to edging him and the others out of the faction. Resigned to the fact that he can’t break from the simulation, Tris is forced to shoot Will in the head, killing him.

What happens to Dauntless who are suspected of being divergent?

What happens to Dauntless who are suspected of being divergent? They are killed. What four fears has Tris faced at this point? Burned alive; drowning; watch family die; kill family.

Who betrayed Tris in Divergent?


Is Peter evil in divergent?

Peter Hayes is a central antagonist in Divergent, who was originally from Candor and is one of Tris Prior’s mortal enemies. Throughout the course of the first novel, Peter is shown to be cruel, antagonistic, ill-tempered and easily jealous.

Why did Al kill himself divergent?

Tris smells his signature sage and lemongrass smell, which is mentioned multiple times in the book, and finds that Al is trying to scare/kill her to get rid of his jealousy.

Why can’t Tris be attracted to al?

Why can’t Tris be attracted to Al? Al is too fragile. What job will the initiates have if they don’t finish in the top 5? Fence guard.

Does four survive in Allegiant?

She goes to her execution in this act of bravado and self-sacrifice, and it’s not quite right, so she survives.” But the lessons of the first two installments prove pivotal in the third, in which Tris truly comprehends what it means to give up one’s life for another.

Do four and Christina get together?

To the surprise of many fans, Four and Christina fall in love. Roth ends the story with a hopeful future for the two of them with Four professing “we work, and dream. We fight, and we laugh, and we fall in love. Christina loved Tris just as Four did and they mourn her just the same.

Does Tobias die in Allegiant?

Though Tobias doesn’t like Caleb because he betrayed Tris to the Erudite, he breaks him out of prison and stops his execution by escaping with him to the city limits. The group splits up, and is ambushed. Tobias is injured, but survives. However, Tris tells him that Tori didn’t survive the attack.

How was Allegiant supposed to end?

The Divergent Series: Allegiant thus proved to be an abrupt end to the series. One controversial element of Veronica Roth’s Allegiant novel was its ending, where Tris sacrifices herself and is shot dead.

Why did they change Allegiant ending?

The decision to film separate productions may have had a bit to do with Lionsgate trying to rush director Robert Schwentke. He shot Insurgent and Allegiant but left before Ascendant due to time constraints, meaning they needed someone new to come on board for the final film.

How old is Tris in Allegiant?


What happened in Allegiant?

Tris learns from Tobias “Four” Eaton about the rebel “Allegiant,” who work to restore the faction system. Tori is killed by the Factionless, and the others escape and meet Tobias’s mentor, Amar, who has long been presumed dead. They are taken to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and its leader, David.

Did Tris and Four sleep together in Allegiant?

Tobias dislikes when Tris calls him ‘Four’ and tells her to say his actual name. Throughout the whole movie the name ‘Tobias’ is only mentioned once and Tris never says it. Tris and Four don’t have sex until Allegiant. Tris and Four have sex.

How much older is four than Tris?

Four is two years older than Tris and their fathers work together.

Do Tris and Tobias get married?

And Tris and Tobias get married, have sex- (there will be lemons), And have a child.

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