What happened to Miss Riley in October Sky?

What happened to Miss Riley in October Sky?

Riley, the teacher who inspired the Rocket Boys and is depicted in the film October Sky. Miss Riley died of Hodgkin’s disease at the age of 31.

What did Miss Riley teach in October Sky?

Miss Riley is a chemistry and physics teacher at Big Creek High School who inspires the Rocket Boys to compete in the National Science Fair. She gives Sonny a book called Principles of Guided Missile Design that is extremely useful to the Rocket Boys in the future.

What is the summary of the movie October Sky?

John Hickam (Chris Cooper) is a West Virginia coal miner who loves his job and expects his sons, Jim (Scott Miles) and Homer (Jake Gyllenhaal), to follow in his footsteps. But Jim gets a football scholarship, and Homer becomes interested in rocket science after seeing Sputnik 1 crossing the sky. John disapproves of his son’s new mania, but Homer begins building rockets with the help of friends and a sympathetic teacher (Laura Dern). Rocketry, he hopes, will prove his ticket to a better life.
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What is the main idea of October Sky?

Lesson Summary Homer’s story, which features major themes such as the influence of the Space Race, parental love, and the self vs. the group, shows the reader how much the Space Race influenced Americans. Homer became determined to build rockets and earn his parents’ respect in the process.

How did Miss Riley help Homer?

The young, beautiful chemistry teacher at Big Creek High School, Miss Riley is enormously important in encouraging Homer and his friends to continue experimenting with rockets. Her lessons give Homer and Quentin many ideas for rocket fuel, and with her encouraging, Homer enters the county science fair and wins.

Why is the nozzle so important?

The nozzle is an important part of any rocket motor: it converts high pressure and high temperature(with slow net velocity) inside the combustion chamber into a high velocity, but low pressure. This is what high pressure is. The nozzle helps align the movement of the molecules to the same direction.

What does Miss Riley tell Sonny about his rocket building?

“Sonny,” [Miss Riley] said, “a lot has happened to you, probably more than you know. But I’m telling you, if you stop working on your rockets now, you’ll regret it maybe for the rest of your life.”

What did Miss Riley give Homer?

Ms. Riley gives Homer a book: Principles of guided missile design.

Who was Homer’s hero in October Sky?

Werner von Braun
Some may also question the movie’s hero-worshiping treatment of Homer’s role model, Werner von Braun, who’s depicted as an all-American icon with no acknowledgment of his earlier career in Nazi Germany.

Why is Miss Riley convinced that Homer won’t enter the science fair?

Suddenly, she tells Homer that she’s been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. While it’s possible that she’ll live a long life, there’s no surgical operation that can cure her. As a result, Miss Riley is constantly tired, and she won’t be able to attend the science fair with Homer.

Who is Miss Riley in the movie October Sky?

While she’s still a student teacher, though, she runs into Sonny and Quentin while they are dreaming that one day they could have a trophy for their rocket building join all the football trophies in the school trophy case. As a graduate of Big Creek herself, Miss Riley loves the idea.

Where does the movie October Sky take place?

The film is set in Coalwood, West Virginia in the year 1957. The coal mine is the town’s largest employer and almost every man living in the town works in the mines. John Hickam (Chris Cooper), the mine superintendent, loves his job and hopes that his boys, Jim (Scott Miles) and Homer (Jake Gyllenhaal), will one day join him in his mine.

Who is the chemistry teacher in October Sky?

Miss Freida Riley is the dedicated high school chemistry teacher who goes above and beyond in her classes in October Sky. Miss Riley is such an influence on Sonny that he gives her the gold medal the he wins at the national science fair.

What happens in Chapter 16 of October Sky?

Chapter 16: A Natural Arrogance. Chapter 16 of “October Sky” begins with Sonny’s father visiting a conference to discuss the ventilation of his mine — an honor for him because he is not an engineer. Upon returning, he discovers that Sonny has been excluded from the class he lobbied for and is using his book.