What happened to them in the cold within?

What happened to them in the cold within?

In the poem named ‘The Cold within’, by James Patrick Kinney, the six persons are thought to have died from the extremely cold atmosphere but here the poet argues that it was not actually the chill outside which kills them but the coldness in their heart or lack of compassion that took their lives.

What happened at the end of the poem the cold within and why?

Answer: By the phrase “the cold within” the poet means the coldness of the hearts — the lack of warm human spirits of the six persons who gathered around the dying fire in that winter evening. In the end, they were found frozen to death with their logs held in their still hands.

What was the obvious cause of their death in cold within?

The title of the Cold Within poem says that the group of six people did not die from the coldness of the weather which was outside. However they died from the cold inside their hearts . Lack of human warmth resulted in bias and hate for each other . This resulted in their death.

What did each man fail to do in the poem The cold within?

By not sharing their logs when the dying fire needed it to keep them alive in the bitter cold, each of the six persons in ‘The Cold Within’ failed to appreciate one another due to narrow discriminatory attitude based on caste, class, race, religion and so on. They failed to realize the truth that men cannot live alone.

Why did you not help the poor man?

Answer: He decided, not to help the poor man as he felt that the poor did not deserve to survive, they were lazy and shiftless. The rich man actually had the sins of greed and stinginess within him.

Why did the poor man not part with his stick of wood?

The poor did not thrust the log of wood into the fire because he was envious of the rich. Not only did he perceive the rich as idle but also was guided by animosity against him. He gave his coat a hitch in order to save himself from bleak and bitter cold.

Why did he gave his coat hitch?

Answer: He gave his coat a hitch here means that he wrapped his coat around himself tightly so that the bitter cold could not enter his body.

Why does the third man hold his stick back?

Why does the third man hold his stick back? He sees a rich man sitting among the group of six people. Being filled with envy and jealousy, he decides to let the rich man die out of cold. He thinks that the rich just survive on the poor man’s labour and therefore has a feeling of hatred towards the rich.

Who were the six humans?

In Kinney’s poem the six people, who gathered around the burning fire, represent those with discriminatory attitude towards others over petty barriers like colour, race, religious faith, class, caste, gender and ethnicity.

Who brought the six humans together?

Solution. The six humans were brought together by chance.

Why did the first person hold back her stick of wood?

The first person hold back her log as she noticed a black man around the fire . Her discriminatory attitude towards the colour of blacks stops her from sharing the wood. This point outs the grudge and hatred between the whites and blacks. This is because he found one Black man around the fire.

What was the last person’s ideology for not putting his stick in the fire Why?

What was the last person’s ideology for not putting his stick in the fire? Ans. The last person is an opportunist who will offer help only if he will gain something from the situation. He does not want to take the initiative.

What is a message of the poem?

Meaning is the word referring comprehensively to the ideas expressed within the poem – the poem’s sense or message. When understanding poetry, we frequently use the words idea, theme, motif, and meaning.

What message does the poem the last bargain convey?

“The Last Bargain” by Tagore is a sixteen lines poem composed in blank verse conveying a strong message well needed for the materialistic world that no power, money or lust can make us happy. Simplicity and innocence are the most supreme of all.

What is the speaker’s last bargain answer?

Answer: The speaker’s final bargain is with a child playing with shells on the sea beach.

What was the last bargain?

The Last Bargain is a poem written by the famous and renowned Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. It is a poem about a person looking for a job. The speaker in the poem is searching for a job in which he does not have to lose his freedom. He receives the first proposal from a King.