What incident in Act 3 provoked the strongest emotional response?

What incident in Act 3 provoked the strongest emotional response?

Certainly, for me, the moment that provokes the strongest emotional response in Act Three is when Mary Warren turns on John Proctor, once again taking sides with Abigail and the rest of the girls, and accusing him of being in league with the Devil.

What seems to be the main motivation for Reverend Parris’s concern about the girls behavior in the forest?

What seems to be the main motivation for Reverend Parris’ concern about the girls’ behavior in the forest? He wanted this “witchcraft” to be over and didn’t want anyone from town to “come in contact” with it.

Who bears the most guilt in the crucible?

Abigail Williams

What are the consequences of her lie?

So, Elizabeth’s lie leads to negative consequences for both Proctor and her. In the end, Proctor is hanged for his supposed guilt even though he is innocent. If Elizabeth had not lied, the guilty parties might have been called to account for their own falsehoods.

Why did Mary turn John?

So, instead of sticking to her guns and being brave, Mary, in order to get out of being accused of being a witch, turns on John and calls him a “devil’s man” who came to her and forced her to sign his “black book” and told her that she must come to the courts to overthrow them.

Why does Mary Warren accuse John?

Mary’s ultimately spineless nature is revealed in the court scene, when under pressure of being hanged she once again flips, accusing John Proctor of witchcraft and Devil-worship. While Mary causes a lot of harm in the play, she lacks Abigail’s maliciousness. She’s just a weak girl who gets in way over her head.

Why does Mrs Putnam hate Rebecca?

Rebecca is calm and kind and devout. She believes that, if the community struggles, they should look to themselves for the cause of it. Mrs. Putnam interprets this as Rebecca’s judgment on her, and she feels she’s done nothing to warrant losing seven babies.

What is the source of conflict between Proctor and Putnam?

Putnam and Proctor argue over the proper ownership of a piece of timberland where Proctor harvests his lumber. Putnam claims that his grandfather left the tract of land to him in his will.

Why does Proctor hate Thomas Putnam?

Thomas Putnam retorts by asking what land Proctor plans to take that wood from. Proctor states that it is from the land he just purchased whereas Putnam claims that he had no right to buy this land because the seller never owned it and therefore did not have the right to sell it.

What does Proctor tell us about Putnam?

Proctor tells him that he bought the land from Francis Nurse and Putnam says that that land had been willed to him by his grandfather. Proctor replies: Your grandfather had a habit of willing land that never belonged to him, if I may say it plain.