What intricate means?

What intricate means?

1 : having many complexly interrelating parts or elements : complicated intricate machinery an intricate plot. 2 : difficult to resolve or analyze.

What is an example of intricate?

The definition of intricate is complex or having many details. An example of intricate is a puzzle with 1000 pieces. Hard to follow or understand because full of puzzling parts, details, or relationships. An intricate problem.

Is intricate a good word?

Intricate (adjective) means complex, elaborate or difficult. It can be used to describe the tangled or winding nature or something. The word intricate can have a positive and negative connotation, depending on how it is used in a sentence.

Is intricate text bad?

The phrase “intricate text” in Grammarly means that your writing is difficult to understand. Although text that is intricate is not necessarily bad, in most cases it will confuse readers and give them trouble understanding your point.

What is an example of intricate text?

Examples of intricate text “The cat sat on the mat”. “This was his life. He would wake up, run and some birds, from time to time meet people. But at the end of each day, this was the only place he wanted to be.

How do I stop being wordy?

How to Avoid Wordiness

  1. Cut Adjectives and Adverbs. This is something Ernest Hemingway became famous for.
  2. Eliminate Redundant Words and Phrases.
  3. Don’t Use Unnecessary Prepositions.
  4. Avoid Passive Voice.
  5. Use Simple Past/Present Instead of Present/Past Perfect and Present/Past Continuous.
  6. Synthesis.
  7. Nick.

How do you write less?

Cut Your Content in Half: How to Write Less and Say More

  1. Make your intros shorter.
  2. Cut the qualifiers.
  3. Don’t assume the lowest common denominator.
  4. Write like you speak.
  5. Give word choice a thought.
  6. Use pretty pictures and damn good data.
  7. Let go of the idea that there’s a perfect word count.

What is a vague word?

When something is vague, it’s unclear, murky, and hard to understand. Vague comes from the Latin vagus, which means wandering or rambling. There are a few big, impressive words for vague, including ambiguous, nebulous, and tenebrous.

What is the word for unnecessary?

worthless, needless, superfluous, gratuitous, redundant, useless, avoidable, unneeded, irrelevant, futile, accidental, additional, beside the point, casual, chance, dispensable, excess, exorbitant, expendable, extraneous.

What is the root word of unnecessary?

unnecessary (adj.) 1540s, from un- (1) “not” + necessary (adj.).

What is another word for superfluous?


  • excess,
  • extra,
  • redundant,
  • spare,
  • supererogatory,
  • supernumerary,
  • surplus.

What is another word for no longer needed?

What is another word for not needed?

additional unnecessary
nonessential redundant
unessential useless
exorbitant irrelevant
optional peripheral

What word means Cannot be needed?

indispensable. adjective. difficult or impossible to exist without or to do something without.

What’s a word for feeling unwanted?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unwanted, like: undesirable, unwelcome, hated, ill-favored, undesired, unwished-for, exceptionable, inadmissible, objectionable, unpopular and uninvited.

What means unpleasant?

Something unpleasant is disagreeable, painful, or annoying in some way. No one likes unpleasant experiences. Since pleasant things are enjoyable in some way, unpleasant things are hard to enjoy. Being in pain is unpleasant.

What does ignominiously mean?

1 : humiliating, degrading an ignominious defeat. 2 : deserving of shame or infamy : despicable. 3 : marked with or characterized by disgrace or shame : dishonorable.

Is direly a word?

Urgent; desperate: in dire need; dire poverty. [Latin dīrus, fearsome, terrible; akin to Greek deinos.] dire′ly adv. dire′ness n.

What does sentimentality mean?

1 : the quality or state of being sentimental especially to excess or in affectation. 2 : a sentimental idea or its expression.

Can you exploit a person?

An exploiter is a user, someone who takes advantage of other people or things for their own gain. Being an exploiter is selfish and unethical. To exploit someone is to use them in a way that’s wrong, like an employer who pays low wages but demands long hours. An exploiter is a person who treats others this way.