What is a good nickname for Alana?

What is a good nickname for Alana?


meaning Attractive, peaceful
syllables 3
starts with A
ends with A
nicknames Lanah Lana Lannah Lanna

What are nicknames for Alanna?

Nickname – Alanna Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Alanna – Lanna, Lanni, Chicken Pickle, Alanna Banana, Lanzie, Lanlan.

Is Alana the female version of Alan?

There are numerous feminine forms of Alan. The form Alana is a Latinate feminisation of the name. Variant of Alana include: Alanah, Alanna, Alannah, and Allana. Another feminine form is Alaina, derived from the French Alain; a variant of this feminine name is Alayna.

What does Alana mean in English?

1: Alana is of Celtic origin and it is used mainly in English. The meaning of Alana is ‘little rock; harmony, peace’. Alana is the feminine form of the Breton, English, German, and Scottish Alan.

What does the name Alana mean in the Bible?

Alana is a common female given name coming from the Goidelic/ Hawaiian community meaning fair, beautiful, offering. Alana or Elana can also be the female name in an English translation of Elan which in Hebrew means “oak tree”.

What does Alayna mean in Irish?


How common is the name Alanna?

Alanna was the 560th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 520 baby girls named Alanna. 1 out of every 3,367 baby girls born in 2020 are named Alanna.

Is Alana a good name?

Alana is still a Top 200 choice. However, Alana is a Top 80 choice in the state of Hawaii – not surprisingly given its lovely Polynesian meanings. Whether your baby girl is your little Irish ‘darling’ or if she’s a ‘beautiful offering’ from the ancient Hawaiian gods, Alana is a wonderful choice for a daughter’s name.

How do you spell Ariana?

Ariana is a simple spelling variant of the more popular Arianna. The names are an Italian form of the Greek Ariadne which, in turn, is derived from the Greek words “ari” (most) and “adnos” (holy).