What is a good overclock for i7 6700k?

What is a good overclock for i7 6700k?

In the Skylake review we stated that 4.6 GHz still represents a good target for overclockers to aim for, with 4.8 GHz being indicative of a better sample.

How high can you overclock a 6700k?

The maximum safe overclock of 4.8GHz represents an exactly 20-percent increase over the base clock of 4GHz. Overclocked, the chip scored 4,586 in Geekbench’s single-score test, an 18-percent improvement over the base clock score of 3,887.

When did the i7 6700K come out?


Edit Values
Core i7-6700K
Introduction September 1, 2015 (announced) September 27, 2015 (launched)
End-of-life March 30, 2018 (last order) September 07, 2018 (last shipment)
Release Price $350

Can the i7 6700hq be overclocked?

The HQ series are locked, so overclocking it is very limited. The HK series are unlocked and can be overclocked.

Is i7-6700K still good 2021?

The i7–6700K is a perfectly good processor. Certainly, a new processor like the Ryzen 5 1600AF/2600 will provide much faster performance, just as any newer component would. Yes, i7 – 6700k is a good processor.

How many cores does i7-6700K have?

Intel i7-6700 Specs

Number of Cores 4
Number of Threads 8
Base Clock Speed 4.0 GHz
Maximum Boost Speed 4.2 GHz
Processor Interconnect : 0 x Links

How do I manually overclock BIOS Asus?

Tweaking time Once inside the BIOS, press F5 to load the optimized defaults then navigate to the Extreme Tweaker tab. Locate the 1-Core Ratio Limit option and input a value of 46 for a 4.6GHz overclock. Scroll down to the CPU Core/Cache Voltage option and change it from Auto to Manual Mode.

How do I turn on OC mode?

Find the “Adjust CPU Ratio” option, which represents the CPU frequency multiplier function. Highlight the option’s “Auto” setting, and then press “Enter” to bring up a list of alternate settings. Choose a number higher than the existing setting. Press “Return.”

Is ASUS AI overclocking safe?

It’s safe, but usually they use really high voltages for the clocks which causes higher temperatures. Temperatures can of course be dangerous when they get into overheating territory.

Can a Intel i7 6700K processor be overclocked?

The Intel Skylake processors with the “K” (such as my i7 6700K) are meant to be overclocked. If you don’t, then you are not tapping the whole potentials of the unlocked processors. When I wrote the article on my latest Skylake PC build, I didn’t do any overclocking, just to see how the system went without the speed boost.

What’s the best Intel Skylake processor to overclock?

In the Skylake review we stated that 4.6 GHz still represents a good target for overclockers to aim for, with 4.8 GHz being indicative of a better sample.

What should the voltage be for overclocking Skylake?

The 1.25 starting default voltage is low enough that a boost to 1.3 or 1.35 should result in a few hundred additional MHz to the top overclocking speed. In the case of the test Skylake sample, that boost is enough to afford entry into the rarified 4.5-4.7 GHz CPU club. Note that as voltages rise, so do temperatures, and the curve is not linear.

Are there any overclocking bumps coming out for Skylake?

With 20-25% clockspeed bumps reported for some Skylake SKUs and new SKUs just around the corner, the golden era of overclocking is still going strong.