What is a lower extremity venous duplex scan?

What is a lower extremity venous duplex scan?

A Venous Duplex Scan is a type of dedicated ultrasound to look at the venous system. This procedure is performed to evaluate symptoms including leg pain or swelling, leg heaviness, excessive varicose veins, leg discoloration, shortness of breath, or suspected blood clots in your legs and/or lungs.

Can you bill 76770 and 93975 billed together?

Do not code complete ultrasound CPT code 76770 & limited CPT code 76775 together. Limited exam is included in complete one, hence it should not be reported separately. Only the procedure code 76770 will be paid. Do use X{EPSU} modifier while coding CPT code 76770 or 76775 along with 93975/93976.

Can CPT code 76882 be billed bilaterally?

Answer: If bilateral exams of a particular joint such as hip or ankle were performed, then you can assign code 76881 or 76882 x 2 (or once with modifier 50).

Does 76882 require a modifier?

In order to be reimbursed separately for the radiology service, Modifier 59 would need to be appended to CPT 76882 and a corrected claim would need to be sent to Medicare. Adding the modifier should resolve the issue with payment without filing a redetermination to Medicare to justify separate payment.

What is the difference between an ultrasound and a duplex scan?

Conventional ultrasound shows the structure of your blood vessels and the Duplex Doppler ultrasound shows the movement of your red blood cells through the vessels.

What is the difference between duplex ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound?

Duplex ultrasonography provides a color picture detecting the blood flow and a two-dimensional greyscale ultrasound image of the tissues. Doppler ultrasonography provides information about the presence of blood flow in the studied vessels, as well as its direction, speed, turbulence, etc.

What is an arterial duplex?

An arterial duplex, an arterial doppler, or an arterial ultrasound typically refer to the same thing. It is a non-invasive diagnostic medical imaging study.

What is bilateral venous duplex ultrasound?

Venous Duplex Ultrasound (Venous Doppler Studies) Venous Doppler studies use a technique called Doppler ultrasound to evaluate blood circulation in the veins of the arms or legs. A device called a transducer is passed lightly across different areas of your limbs, directing high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) at superficial and deep veins.

What is the CPT code for bilateral venous Doppler?

CPT code: 93970 bilateral Venous duplex doppler 0B rt CPT code:76818 93971 unilateral ULTRASOUND CPT CODE US Abdomen complete 76700 US. Your doctor has requested an ultrasound of your leg veins. Ultrasound is a procedure that uses sound waves to “see” inside your body.

What is the CPT code for bilateral ultrasound?

CPT Code For Breast Ultrasound Bilateral Bilateral breast ultrasound means ultrasound procedure is performed on both the breasts. Patient lie down on bed and a conductor gel is applied for easy movement of transducer over it. The sound waves transfer and show imaging on computer. The CPT code is 76641.