What is a synonym for globe?

What is a synonym for globe?

globenoun. Synonyms: sphere, ball, orb.

What is another name for notify?

What is another word for notify?

announce declare
report broadcast
communicate disclose
divulge publish
reveal make known

What is the opposite word of globe?

“Mankind may be on the threshold of building another new world or, at least, of extending Earth’s limits into space and beyond.”…What is the opposite of globe?

line polygon
octagon parallelogram
pentagon rectangle
square triangle
delineation lineament

What is the opposite of glow?

What is the opposite of glow?

dark darkness
gloom shadows
murkiness shadiness
shadow dullness
murk dulness

What does furiously mean in English?

adjective. full of fury, violent passion, or rage; extremely angry; enraged: He was furious about the accident. intensely violent, as wind or storms.

What is the synonyms of ample?

SYNONYMS FOR ample 2 generous, free, abounding, lavish, plenteous, overflowing. 3 extensive, vast, great, capacious.

What is a word that means more than sufficient?


Which word is best synonym for spacious?

other words for spacious

  • cavernous.
  • comfortable.
  • roomy.
  • vast.
  • ample.
  • big.
  • boundless.
  • broad.

What word class is grip?

verb grips, gripping or gripped to take hold of firmly or tightly, as by a clutch. to hold the interest or attention ofto grip an audience.