What is a word with the suffix logy?

What is a word with the suffix logy?

-logy, suffix. -logy comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “word. ” It is attached to roots to form nouns with the meanings: “field of study, discipline; list of”:astro- (= star) + -logy → astrology (= study of the influence of stars on events);bio- (= life) + -logy → biology (= study of living things).

What words end with logy?

List of Words Ending With ‘logy’

  • logy.
  • ology.
  • eulogy. oology.
  • analogy. apology. biology. ecology. enology.
  • aerology. agrology. algology. antilogy. apiology.
  • aetiology. anthology. astrology. audiology. cosmology.
  • aerobiology. amphibology. archaeology. campanology. climatology.
  • anthropology. astrobiology. bacteriology. dialectology. ecclesiology.

What is logy in medical terms?

LOGY : Connoting the study a certain subject From the ancient Greek verb legein, meaning “to speak”, this omnipresent suffix came to connote a person or entity that speaks on or studies a certain subject.

What are some words with logy?

-ology Word Description
anesthesiology The study of anesthesia and anesthetics.
angelology The study of angels.
angiology The study of the anatomy of blood and lymph vascular systems.
angiopathology The pathology of diseased blood vessels.

What is filing in chronological order?

Organizing and ordering documents and records in a dated sequence. This sequence can by according to their date of receipt, or date and time of their creation. The item youngest-by-date is usually in front of or on top of the previous items.

How do you create a chronology?

Preparing a Chronology

  1. This chronology is confidential.
  2. Put everything in order by the date it happened.
  3. Identify people by their full names whenever possible, and include their job titles if you know them.
  4. Start from the beginning when you were first hired, and include your job title and the name of your supervisor.

How do you present a chronological event?

Usually, it is done using specific time intervals shown in chronological sequences….Outline your time events briefly on paper:

  1. List out all the steps you need to present for a sequence of events;
  2. Estimate how much time each step will take;
  3. Map out dependencies and sequence of steps;
  4. Draw your timeline.

What is a creative timeline?

Creative timelines are one of my favorite examples of useful visualizations. Not only do they convey lots of information in a simple way, they also provide context for that information by displaying it sequentially along with other related events. Timelines can stretch far back in time or fast-forward into the future.

How do you make a timeline for a school project?

  1. 1 Pick the events. Pick the events you will use for the timeline.
  2. 2 Draw a straight line on the poster. Draw a straight line on the poster board.
  3. 3 Draw event. Draw event marks on the center line.
  4. 4 Check your lines. Check your lines.
  5. 5 Trace.
  6. 6 Label the event marks.
  7. 7 Label the timeline.
  8. 8 Decorate the poster board.

How can I make my timeline interesting?

Here are some basic ways you can create a timeline template:

  1. Using repeat elements to represent milestones. Take a look at the following timeline template:
  2. Using a continuous element with separators. Take a look at the following slide:
  3. Using call outs along the PowerPoint timeline.
  4. Using a calendar to mark the events.

What are the three parts of a timeline?

There are four major components of a timeline infographic that should be detailed in the outline:

  • Dates.
  • Descriptions.
  • Headers (optional)
  • Images (optional)

How do you create a project milestone?

The quickest way to create a milestone is to add a task with no duration to your project plan.

  1. Click View, and then in the Task Views group, click Gantt Chart.
  2. Type the milestone name in the first empty row or pick a task you want to turn into a milestone.
  3. Type 0 in the Duration field, and then press Enter.

What are the types of milestone?

Milestone Types

  • Milestone decision points or gateways include:
  • Milestone soft target dates – Break up a long series of tasks.
  • Milestone deliverable hard submittal dates – These are hard contractually agreed upon dates for the submittal of deliverables.

What are examples of milestones?

Here are a few different examples of milestones:

  • Phases.
  • Communications.
  • Decisions.
  • Plans.
  • Designs.
  • Resources.
  • Processes.
  • Deliverables.