What is an Amplifon provider?

What is an Amplifon provider?

Leader in hearing health care benefits Today, Amplifon Hearing Health Care is the leading hearing health care benefits solution provider with a national network of hearing health care professionals with locations across the U.S., covering more than 50 million American lives for 80+ partners.

What is HearPO?

HearPO, our exclusive provider of digital and digitally programmable analog hearing aids and supplies, is now Amplifon Hearing Health Care (Amplifon). This name and branding change, which took effect on March 1, 2015, does not affect any other aspect of the program.

Where is Amplifon headquarters?

5th Street, Minneapolis. With global headquarters in Milan, Italy, Amplifon Americas has annual (2017) revenues of $259 million and a total of 470 employees throughout the US and Canada—over 180 of whom will now work out of its new Minneapolis offices.

Is Miracle-Ear available in Canada?

Miracle-Ear Canada is changing to Amplifon, a global leader in hearing healthcare. Backed by over 65 years of experience, Amplifon is setting a new standard in hearing. That’s why we’re transitioning all of our clinics across Canada over to Amplifon, and our level of care is only amplifying.

What was Amplifon called in Australia?

National Hearing Care
National Hearing Care is now Amplifon While our name is changing our commitment to you never will. Nothing is more important to us than giving you the finest in personalised care. We will continue to offer the following benefits: Access to over 300 locations: Choose your closest store across all states around Australia.

What is the difference between an amplifier and hearing aid?

The takeaway Generally, hearing amplifiers amplify all frequencies, while hearing aids are specially made for you to optimize the sounds you have trouble hearing. Even though hearing aids can be expensive, they’re typically better suited to the needs of people with hearing loss, compared with hearing amplifiers.