What is another name for drainage?

What is another name for drainage?

What is another word for drainage?

sewerage waste
bilge effluent
effluvium sewage
drain water waste water

What is the synonym of stream?

jet, flow, rush, gush, surge, spurt, spout, torrent, flood, cascade, fountain, outpouring, outflux, outflow, effusion. current. technical efflux. 3’a steady stream of visitors’

What do we call drainage in English?

Drainage is the system or process by which water or other liquids are drained from a place. Line the pots with pebbles to ensure good drainage. The drainage system has collapsed because of too much rain. Synonyms: sewerage, waste, sewage More Synonyms of drainage.

What do you call underground drainage?

Foundation drains are pipes that are installed under your foundation or basement floor to collect water and move it off-site to prevent your basement from filling with water.

What is a synonym for irrigation?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for irrigation, like: watering, fertilization, sprinkling, spraying, making productive, soaking, flooding, inundation, tubewell, flood control and water treatment.

What is something that drains?

draining Add to list Share. Something that’s draining tires you out, either physically or emotionally. Some people thrive on spending long days with young children, while others find it to be completely draining. Running a marathon or a triathlon is physically draining — when you’re done, you’re exhausted.

What is the fancy word for water?

What is another word for water?

aqua H20
H2O liquid
rain rainwater
saliva seawater
tears aqua pura

What is drainage in simple words?

Drainage is the natural or artificial removal of a surface’s water and sub-surface water from an area with excess of water.

What is site drainage?

Site Drainage, by definition, is the movement of water to another area away from the site. For purposes of this manual, we are dealing with standing water on sites caused by poor drainage. Site Drainage measures help prevent the flooding of property, drainage structures, waterways and roadways.

What is swale drainage?

A grass drainage swale is an open channel that collects water from hard surfaces and allows it to percolate into the ground, reducing the amount of runoff leaving the road or property. The grass covering the side slopes and swale bottom provides a filtration surface for the water and helps to reduce the flow velocity.

What is a surface drain?

Surface drains are used to collect and move away large volumes of water in a short amount of time. They are frequently installed in sloped surfaces like showers and driveways to catch surplus water runoff and drain it away before it can collect and cause serious damage.