What is another word for feedback?

What is another word for feedback?

What is another word for feedback?

response evaluation
assessment comment
commentary criticism
critique information
observation pointer

What is the meaning of feedback?

1a : the transmission of evaluative or corrective information about an action, event, or process to the original or controlling source also : the information so transmitted.

What is comments in French?

1. (= remark) commentaire m. He made no comment. Il n’a fait aucun commentaire.

What is the best French translator app?

10 Best French Translator Apps You Can Use On-the-Go ‍

  1. Google Translate. Let’s get the classic one out of the way.
  2. Takeeasy. Takeeasy is a French translator app that uses real humans to give you personalized translations on-the-go.
  3. TripLingo.
  4. Offline English/French Translator.
  5. Jibbigo.
  6. WordReference.
  7. TranslateMe.
  8. SayHi.

What is the most accurate translator for French?

See why millions translate with DeepL every day.

Why is Google Translate so inaccurate?

How Google Translate works – the source of its (in)accuracy problems. Many people are surprised to learn that Google doesn’t actually try to understand the meaning of each sentence as a whole, as a reader or human translator would. Instead its translations are based purely on statistical occurrence.

Is Google translate French accurate?

Language pairs

Statistical model Human Translation
English-French 4,932 5,496
English-Chinese 4,035 4,987
Spanish-English 4,872 5,372
French-English 5,046 5,404

What is the best Google Translate?

List of 7 Best Google Translate alternatives for Language Conversion

  • Microsoft Translator. Offering both Business and personal versions, Microsoft Translator is a smart translation app available for Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • iTranslate.
  • Linguee.
  • Babylon Translator.
  • Reverso Translation.
  • TripLingo Translator.
  • MemSource.

Is there a better free translation than Google?

Linguee. An equally user-friendly and effective alternative to Google Translate is the translation tool Linguee. Offering a sleek user interface and up to 25 languages, Linguee is a practical option when it comes to translating from one language to another.

What is the difference between literal and free translation?

A literal translation is one which uses exactly the equivalent words as were in the original. A free translation would be where the translator understands the meaning of the original language and provides a sentence that means the same.

Is I translate a free app?

iTranslate Translator – Best App for Translating Dialects The iTranslate Translator app lets you translate over 100 languages for free. It also comes with a dictionary and thesaurus for over 100 languages and offline translation for another 16 languages.

How do I translate a phone conversation?

Step 1: Start translation

  1. Open the Translate app .
  2. At the top left and top right: Tap the languages shown. Tap the languages each of you speak.
  3. Tap Conversation .
  4. Say something.

Can you add languages to Apple translate?

Tap the Translate tab, then tap a language at the top of the screen. Scroll down to Available Offline Languages, tap the languages you want to download, then tap Done.